Family Visit

This weekend my dad & co. were in town, and yesterday they came by to check out my “new” apartment. I say “new” because I actually moved in last November, but due to how seldom they’re in town and me not wanting them to drop by last time they were here it was the first time they saw it.

I’m quite proud of my apartment. I love the fact that I live in a house with a proper garden and a patio. When I lived in The Netherlands for 7 years I didn’t even have a balcony, and I really missed it. Now I have an actual garden.

My littlest brother is really sweet, and learning how to manipulate his surroundings. He loves to “look car” and wants people to take him to a window or outside where he can do so. Since I see him seldom I’m an easy victim.

Yesterday he’d already been out several times and we told him it was enough now. I held him in my lap and he was patting my chest and going, “Emmie.. Emmie.. Emmie”, and I’d reply “Yes?” Eventually he looked up at me hopefully after apparently having said my name enough times and asked “Look car?”

Obviously I fell for it and took him outside.


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