Day 8: Siblings

As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, I have a lot of brothers and sisters. In this post I will list them all, starting with the oldest first. (And I win, being older than every single one!)

Sister H

This sister is the one closest to me in age, and that is still nearly six years. I guess it’s what happens when your parents get started a bit early… Hmm.. Anyway, she’s a language wiz, speaking Swedish, English, French as well as some Spanish and German. (She also studied Latin, but it’s not really a language you speak, I guess.) Nowadays she’s a teacher, and lives in the south of Sweden. At the end of this month she’s moving in with her boyfriend, which means she’s beating me to it. Obviously, that means I hate her. Or maybe I’m happy for her. I’ll let you figure it out.

Brother J

My brother J lives in the apartment above mine and has two children, Viggo and Moa. At the end of this month he’s moving to a house that’s a little bit outside of town. (Not too bad, I think it’s a 15 minute drive.) Because we live so close, we have been having dinner together every day, and we often watch tv-shows and movies together. He’s also a WoW player, like I am (but also loves PlayStation and other consoles). At the moment, he’s just quit his job to go back to school to get his degree.

Brother S

After my parents split up, S was the first new sibling to come along (we share a father). He’s fourteen years younger than I am, so we don’t have loads of contact. He did live with me and J for a few months last year, but now lives in a town that’s about three hours away with his mom. At the moment, he’s working on his driver’s license and finishing high school (after having dropped out before, so he’s had to start over). He plays a lot of games, including WoW from time to time.

Sister R

R and S share both a mother and father, so she shares a father with me. She had her first child in March, little William. Like S, she lives about three hours away – but lives with her boyfriend and baby. Being fifteen years younger than I, we don’t necessarily have much in common – and haven’t had the best contact for many years. After she had William, it’s gotten a bit better, and I hope that it will continue to grow. She’s currently a stay-at-home mom since William is still little, and after that she’s planning to go back to school.

Sister F

This is my only stepsister, but my dad married her mom when she was quite young – so for all intents and purposes, she’s my sister as much as anyone else. She probably has the best contact with J though, since he lived with dad and them for a few years when he was a teenager/young adult. Right now, she’s in her final year of high school (I’m actually not entirely sure how to count our education.. Whatever the level is before you can go off to get your bachelor’s, so I’m guessing High School. Basically school years 10-12.) She’s studying at an  IT-oriented school, and is considering going into game design or something similar for her bachelor’s next year.

Brother I

We share a mother, and he just started high school this year. 18 years my junior, he’s not overly interested in hanging out with me. Though he does like to sometimes hang out with J and I when watching movies, going to the cinema or mall. Maybe he’s just bored? He likes games a lot, and I often end up having to help him purchase stuff on Steam (since his debit card isn’t made to work online).

Brother F

The littlest of them all! He’s turning five this year, so really not very old at all. He’s very clever, but at this point in his life is mainly interested in toys and cartoons. Who can blame him? I’m not against watching cartoons now and then. (Though, after babysitting Viggo, I’m a bit tired of Dora the Explorer.)

That’s it! Those are my siblings!


A very old photo, and the younger ones look soo happy! Obviously missing the littlest sibling in this one, but everyone one else was present.

This post is part of the 30 Day Challenge.


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    • I thought we were many when there were five of us, and now there’s eight. I’m just glad that seems to be it, cause Christmas was getting expensive 😀

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