Busy, Busy

This week has been sort of crazy, and not necessarily in the good way. I’ve had it jammed with appointments and other things. Three days in a row I had appointments at a nearby clinic for an assessment by a rehab team. I had one appointment per day, with each of their team members. (An occupational therapist, a physiotherapist and a psychotherapist.)

I think in a way the meeting with the physiotherapist was the worst. She was doing a lot of poking and prodding, as well as testing various movements and how I could handle them. Needless to say I was in a lot of pain when I left. The session was more of a torture than anything else.

Still, I hope that something good can come out of it. They’re supposed to have a group meeting with me on Monday about their results. From what I understand they deal with something called “multimodal rehabilitation”. It’s a lot of hard work, but if it helps – I’m all for it. So I guess now all I can do is wait until Monday..

Wednesday evening (after the appointment) I had to drive my grandma to the opticien. Since I live “out in nowhere”, that means about an hour’s drive. When we were coming back in the evening… we heart a loud noise in the car… and a “flap, flap, flap, flap”.. Yep, we had a flat tyre. Not awesome when in the middle of the forest, in the dark and sub-zero.

Fortunately mom’s husband could drive out and help us. (Yes, I’m one of those helpless people… But don’t judge me.. I can barely carry my own handbag without pain!) It did mean we had to sit and wait in the car for about half an hour though.

Then on Thursday (after the final appointment), we took the three hour drive up to my dad’s. They got a new place and are moving this weekend, so they wanted our help. Since I’m not much use when it comes to carrying things, I’ve been put in charge of the children. So it’ll be me, nephew Viggo and my littlest brother Fredrik.

Someone stole my drink when we stopped for a snack…

As we were driving though, we heard a strange noise. Eventually we stopped the car to have a look… it wasn’t a flat tyre, but the entire tyre was nearly coming off! The bolts hadn’t been tightened after they had put the snow-tyres on that morning! Anyway, crisis averted and we eventually made it to dad’s.

Now we have the move to do, and on Sunday we will go back home. Then Monday I have to move to my aunt’s house for a few days to take care of her dogs as she’s going off-shore for her job (and her husband is away for work as well). So yes, busy times… Not sure when I’ll get some sleep!

Viggo & Fredrik playing among the moving boxes.


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  1. I wish you good health and fast recovery 🙂 I would recommend you practice Yoga and Pranayama, it will definitely help. 🙂

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