Bones, Headaches & Babies

Not necessarily in that order though.

Last week I had the worst migraine/headache I’ve had in probably several years. It took me completely by surprise and I wasn’t quite sure what to do at first. I’m not used to headaches like that anymore. It came on Tuesday evening and at one point I couldn’t move without feeling like I would vomit, I felt so nauseas. It was horrible. It completely threw me off. I even cried for a bit cause I wasn’t used to that kind of pain anymore. It took me several days to properly get rid of it and get my head to feel somewhat normal.

In other news.. on Saturday I hitched a ride with my aunts up to Örebro where my baby brother Fredrik was getting christened. It was a ceremony in a church in the middle of the shopping area of town, which to be honest I had never even thought they used. I thought it was just a tourist attraction these days! The best part of the whole ceremony was by far when Fredrik was given the blessing and he latched onto the priest’s hand with his tiny little fingers and promptly started sucking on it! Good going, Fredrik. You will hear about the day you tried eating the priest for many years to come I imagine.

It was a long drive to do in one day.. a total of 6 hours (3 there and 3 back home), but at least it meant we got to be there for this event.

Today I had another drive, but at least this one was only 1 hour each way. I had to go back down to the hospital for checking up on the leg and some questions for the insurance. I also found out a few things I’m not sure how I feel about. First of all, while the pain will almost definitely get better after the new surgery they can’t promise it will be gone entirely. Secondly, the swelling isn’t likely to disappear and I may have this for many years to come. Which sucks since the left foot is 3 cm (more than 1 inch) wider around than my normal one – so I can’t wear any of my shoes. The idea of having this ugly, swollen ankle/foot for the rest of my life isn’t exactly something I’m happy about. Lastly.. the feeling in the top of my foot will probably never return. That I kinda knew already, cause they’d said so before, but coupled with the other things it all just kind of sucks.

Oh, I also had a meeting (while still having migraine so I hope I remember things right and that I didn’t say something really stupid that I don’t even remember!) at the place where I do my work training, and as of tomorrow (since today I was at the hospital) I will start working 1 more hour every day, bringing me up to 15 hours a week. I hope it will work out nicely, cause I really want to get back to the “real world”.

In any case, it’s getting late now so I should be heading off to bed and getting some sleep before my first long(er) day at work!

Below, a photo of Fredrik from his christening wearing the special gown we always dress the kids up in for it 🙂

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