Well, not exactly a boom I guess – but my new baby brother was born this morning. His name will be Fredrik. 🙂 I don’t have a good photo yet, so the little one I have will have to do for now!

I now have a total of 4 brothers and 3 sisters (including the stepsister). Christmas is getting expensive!

In other news; IT’S WEEKEND! You know.. in case someone missed it.. (though if you did you’re stupid!) I also just got into contact with an old friend that I haven’t talked to forever and ever. It’s really cool, for once Facebook fills a use!

I’ve also updated my website with a new gallery. I’ve re-added the art in better categories, and I’m working on adding the photographies. However, since there are a lot more of them it will take some time. You can check it out here (and more photos will be coming as I get to upload more and more)


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  1. Grattis 🙂 Nu är familjen riktigt stor ju! Härligt med det stödet i bakgrunden, även om det kostar en del att handla julklappar (but that’s the fun part, right?)

    Jag surfade runt på ditt galleri, och hittade faktiskt bilden från nyår där Millan var med 🙂 Jag minns vårt godisätande, haha!

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