Another baby…

So, yesterday my brother ended up delivering his new baby in the bathtub. Yep, you read that right…

Basically what happened was that his ex (baby’s and Viggo’s mom) called the hospital and said she was having contractions. They said she could wait a while longer since she still seemed fine. A while later she called my brother and said she thought the baby was coming.

He had to rush over there, and the baby was delivered in her bathtub. Everything went fine fortunately, but I can’t help but think that the hospital was a bit careless considering that we live an hour away. They got to ride an ambulance to the hospital, but I’m sure that was just a precaution since both mom and baby are now fine. You can never know though, I guess, and I’m glad they are happy and healthy.

It was a little, baby girl 🙂

Cute baby niece

Cute baby niece

Heard from brother today that everything is fine at the hospital when he went down to visit. Viggo was staying at our mom’s, but he got to see his little sister before she went in the ambulance. From what my brother tells me he was patting and kissing her, so he seems happy to have a sibling!

Proud big brother!

Proud big brother!

I’m still in the UK, but I look forward to seeing them all when I get back home. Said I’d treat them to pizza, since I imagine the first few days after they come home from the hospital will be busy enough without worrying about food.


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