And then there were none…

My apartment seems kind of empty and quiet this evening.

This morning (as I left for work) my family packed up and went back home, so by the evening when I returned the place was empty. It feels both sad and good at the same time. I’m sad to see my family go (since I don’t meet them all that often), but at the same time it’s kind of nice getting my apartment back to myself.

Squeezing five people into a two-room apartment isn’t the easiest of tasks (to put it mildly).

I’m not too sad though, since I’ll be going to visit them in just over two months. Not very bad at all (considering it’s usually 6 months between the times I see them).

Feeling quite good at the moment to be getting back to my life. I’ve had a bit of time to consider what I want to do with my current WIP, so this weekend I can get started on the revisions. Which, btw, I’ve realised will include re-writing the last five chapters or so. But it’ll be for the best, and I can still use some of what I’ve written, just need to change some stuff and write some new scenes. But some will need to be re-written. Kind of looking forward to it though. I just want to get started and get it done so that I can work on the details.

Well, it’s late over here and I need to get some sleep. Looking forward to tomorrow evening (since it means the weekend starts!)

Current obsession: World of Warcraft (game) (So over chocolate eggs by now!)


And then there were none… — 3 Comments

  1. Yay, way to go Emmie! Sounds like you had a good time.

    I wish you the best with you writing, I need to get my bee-hind back in that chair too!


  2. Best of luck to you Emmie. I have 3 sisters, my parents and step parents all withing 2 hours drive of my house. So I can’t imagine it would be easy to only see them every 6 months or so.

    Well guess that’s it. Have a great day.


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