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On Sunday I took my nephew, Viggo, to the amusement park Liseberg in Gothenburg. We’d gone there last summer and he has talked about it since. So I thought it would be a fun thing for us to do together before I move to another country and won’t get to see him much anymore.

It was a great day, with lovely September weather, and Viggo was enjoying himself immensely. He dared to go on more rides than I had expected as well, which was great. Like, he dared to go on one of my favourites, called JukeBox which is pretty fast and spinning. He’d just hit the height requirements for the bigger rides (not the roller coasters though), so he was quite satisfied.

Getting to Gothenburg is a two hour drive, so we started the visit with waffles for lunch. (And boy do they over-charge you in these places!)


Since I went on most of the rides with him, I don’t actually seem to have a single photo of him on any of them. We did get him a facial drawing though. We bought the “small drawing”, and expected it to be a half-face one (like top half, like a mask). As it turns out, it was just a little bit around one eye, so we kind of wish we’d paid for the “full one”. Still, Viggo was happy cause he sort of looked like Spider-man!

spidermanThere are a lot of lottery wheels and small games spread throughout the park as well, and Viggo managed to win a huge chocolate on one of them. 2 kilos! He also won a squirt gun on a toy wheel, so he had quite some luck!


Look at the size of that thing!!! (There’s actually not a huge chocolate inside though, but instead 40 smaller bars. Which is probably for the best!) At that point we’d been on a water ride, so his spider-man drawing was quite smudged. He said it looked cooler now! Hahaha!

All in all, I think he had a great day – and I’m glad that we got to do this together before I move away.


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    • Hahaha! I know, right!

      Fortunately, he’s a giving kind of person, so he’s already given a bunch away. And we’ve explained that he will get the rest one at a time once a week or so, because it’s just way too much chocolate! He wasn’t too happy about that, but he knows that in Sweden Saturday is like “candy-day” for kids. The other days you’re not meant to have any. (Are we the only country that have a designated candy-day btw? We’re weird…)

      • We definitely don’t have a candy day, which is probably a good thing because I would 100% have candy every week then, rather than a couple of times a month. I love candy!

        And that is so sweet, that he is all about the sharing. It is so cute when kids share!

        • Apparently it was something they came up with back when kids started having some pocket money, to keep them from just buying candy every day. So it’s been a thing here since the 1950s *lol* It’s for the kids, rather than adults. I guess it’s nice to be able to say no to candy and just refer to it as not being Saturday. (Cause it’s Saturday that’s our “candy’s allowed-day”.)

          Oh, and kids sharing is cute until they offer you a half-eaten, slobbery piece of something šŸ˜€
          Nah, in all seriousness, I think it’s great that he knows the value of sharing.

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