Update on “The Move”

I had actually planned to write this post yesterday, so that the blog wasn’t cluttered with just Throwback Thursday posts back-to-back. But then internet decided to go down for 36 hours or so… So that didn’t happen.

Anyway, I wanted to write a little update on what’s going on with my move to England. Ideally I would have moved by now, but as I’ve mentioned before we’ve run into trouble finding a place to live. I never imagined it would be so difficult to find a rental place that would allow you to bring a dog, but boy was I wrong!

So after actively looking for a rental for three months, the boyfriend got sick of it and has decided that we’re (read: he is) just going to purchase a place instead. Because if we own it, no one can say “sorry, no dogs allowed!”. Naturally, you don’t “just” purchase a place. There’s a lot of really awful places for sale, and a lot of places in neighborhoods where we simply don’t want to live. Which means finding a place to live is taking some time as well.

In the end, we do think it will be worth it though, even if it does mean my move is taking longer. We’ve had some setbacks though, where we found places we really like and they were either sold before we could even view them – or in one case, we (he) put a bid on it, but lost it. That one was probably the worst, cause we both loved that one.

I just hope we can find a place soon, because I want to get to the next part of our lives. You know, the one where we actually see each other more often than ever few months? Yeah, that one.

In the meanwhile, I’m compulsively refreshing the sales site about fifty times a day.

My view. Daily.

My view. Daily.



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  1. My friend is in the same place with house buying, it sucks! But eventually you guys will manage to find something awesome, I have no doubt!

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