… grew a beard when I wasn’t around!

I forgot to say earlier that the boyfriend grew himself a beard when I wasn’t looking. The advantage of living in separate countries I guess – you can get away with a lot more without the other person noticing! His mom gave it away before I went to visit though, so it wasn’t a complete surprise when I came over. It definitely took some getting used to though. I don’t mind the beard, but it’s definitely taking me some time to get used to it being around. Also, he kind of looks like a Norwegian lumberjack, don’t you think?

Someone’s getting a red flannel shirt for Christmas…



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      • Well, as a whole, people are more polite here than they were in Seattle when I was there. Which isn’t to say Americans were rude, just that there were fewer “sorries” when bumping into someone and little things like that.

        Which reminds me of a scene in “Canadian Bacon,” a film I probably enjoy as much as I do because of how true some of the stereotypes are.

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