So much to do!

Next summer I will be moving to England, to be with the boyfriend. The move is going to cost a small fortune, so I’ve given notice to my landlord, and will be moving out of my apartment soon. I need to save money, and it’s pretty much the only thing where I can cut down. So I will be renting a room from family until it’s time to move. It will save me something like 200 bucks a month, which will be very helpful.

However, that means that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done now, rather than next summer. My apartment obviously won’t fit into one room, so the boyfriend and I will have to go through all my furniture and decide what comes along to England and what I should sell. Then I have to start packing for the move.

One set of stuff that will be put in storage until the move (since I want to bring it to England, but can’t have it in my rented room). And one set of things that I will move into the room. (So basically, my desk, a chest of drawers, my bed and clothes).

The move is planned for the end of October, so I have to get everything done before then. There’s so much, I don’t really know where to start. I have to decide what to sell, store, throw, use in the room. And I will have to sell/throw out a lot. It’s just too expensive to move it to England.

That means a lot of my books will have to be thrown out. Which makes me very sad. I love my books! But they would take up like 10 moving boxes (at least) on their own, and cost a fortune to move. Instead of spending that money on the extra space/weight when moving – I can probably buy new ones. But it’s not the same.

I will still bring some books. I won’t throw out my favourite authors, or the really nice books or boxed sets that I have. But that’s still 300+ books probably that will have to go. My poor books!

Then I have to figure out how to travel with the pets. Saga may have to stay in Sweden. I’m not sure she could make the move from countryside to city, and as much as I’d miss her – I want what’s best for her. Bailey, I think, would be happiest coming with me – since I’ve had him since he was a puppy. Bringing him on a flight though is 1) very expensive and 2) not something that sounds very nice for the dog.

I’m hoping that my mom and her partner may be willing to take a road trip, to bring me and Bailey to England. That would be much more relaxed than him having to fly in the bottom of an airplane I think.

So… I guess, step one is to decide which things I’m keeping etc. And step two will be getting some moving boxes so I can start packing.

Panic mode incoming…


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  1. I almost cried getting rid of my books when I moved, and it wasn’t even as far as you are moving (I don’t think!). But I have a $200 credit at the used book store from all of them, so that is cool!

    • That’s really nice about the credit at the used book store. We don’t seem to have any of those here, so mine will have to either be stored and I’ll bring a few every time I visit Sweden.. or I’ll have to throw them out. Seems like a shame, but they just take up way too much space. And with England having much smaller apartments (from what I can tell), I don’t even know if I could fit enough bookcases to have them all. (Since we have to accommodate for two PCs, of course)

      It seemed easier when moving to/from the Netherlands. I guess it’s because that wasn’t an island. We could just rent a moving van and drive everything ourselves. With England, there’s the getting across the water combined with no one feeling secure enough to drive on the “wrong side” of the road with a moving van. Everything just ends up more difficult.

      I’ve even considered ditching everything except the basics, so I could get there in a car. But I have so much stuff, and I don’t really want to get rid of all of it. Not to mention, it would cost an even bigger fortune to replace all of it. Some family members of mine keep saying “just ditch it all and buy new”. Easy for them to say (they have a fair bit of money), but I can’t afford buying a new couch, new tv, new armchair, new kitchenwares (everything!), new desk, new… well, you get the point 😀 Even is moving the stuff over will cost a lot of money, I still think it’ll be cheaper than buying new. (Not to mention I’d still need to move across my PC, clothes and personal effects.)

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