Just a week…

It’s really stupid. Yesterday it was a week since I got back home from England, but it feels like months already. For every time that I meet the boyfriend, the worse it gets when we’re apart. I’ve always been a very independent person. Never had an issue with being alone. A lot of my hobbies are things that I can do (and should do) by myself, such as writing and reading.

But I miss him. I miss just having him around. Even if I’m reading, it’s just nice to know he’s there for when I do want to hang out. Which I guess is a positive thing. I’ve always been worried that I’d get sick of whoever I was with and would want them gone. I’m glad that we’re both able to do our own thing, while still being in the same room. Alone, but apart. If that makes sense.

Naturally, us meeting every few months can’t really be compared to living together. But I think we’ll be fine. The longest we’ve spent together is three weeks. But that was three weeks pretty much 24/7, which is more than we would when living together – since then you’re at work etc. So, yeah. While it’s definitely different – I do think we can do it. And I’m very much looking forward to it.

I really just want it to happen now. I’m sick of waiting. We’ve been chatting online via text/Skype calls for nearly seven years. We’ve been dating for 3½. I think it’s enough time spent apart.

Just a week… Why does it feel like at least a month?




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