Yesterday I drove the boyfriend to the airport so that he could go back home to the UK. It always feels very empty just after he’s left. Which is weird since obviously he’s away a lot more than he’s here.. but you seem to get used to it very quickly!

We had a good time while he was here though. Watched some movies, and Sherlock! OMG! How have I ever missed that show? It’s awesome! We went out to dinner once alone to celebrate my “probably-have-a-job” (hopefully will get confirmation in the next couple of weeks on that), then another time with two of my brothers, catching the latest Captain America movie afterwards. There was also a family dinner/celebration for a brother turning 16. Other than that… Yeah, just general hanging out, which is oh so nice when you rarely see each other.

Now we have to wait another three months until the next time. Which feels like an incredibly long time right now, even if it’s not really. Not compared to how long it’s been at times in the past. But the more we see each other, the more we seem to miss each other. So it’s both good and bad that we see each other more I guess!

Anyway, I just wanted to vent. Oh, and if you’ve not watched Sherlock. Do it. Do it now!


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