When writing…

It frustrates me whenever I read things where you know people meant one thing, but it really reads like another. Not that I’m perfect and always write everything perfectly, but if you’re writing for a newspaper/tabloid, then maybe you should think about what you type?

This came across my news feed on Facebook this evening:


Is it just me, or does this read as if she’s carrying a 47 year old baby?

Let’s be honest though, there’s no end to the things you can find if you start looking at headlines in newspapers and the like.

Oh, I wish I had saved a picture though… The other week on the local “for sale” page on Facebook someone had posted an image about their store having a sale – and the way it was phrased, it sounded like they were selling babies and toddlers.

Too Personal

Sometimes I think people are over-sharing on Facebook. I know, I over-share on the blog sometimes, but I like to think it’s not too much. (Everyone has different limits though, I guess.)

Anyway, I feel so embarrassed (second-hand embarrassment is a thing, okay!!) when I see someone link an article like “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Female Orgasms” and tag their partner. Come on, people! There’s a private chat for a reason!

Oh, and if you’re angry with someone – that private chat is really neat as well. You really don’t need to write aggressive messages on your wall that are clearly aimed at someone specific. (I’ve only seen this from Americans, is that typical?)

On the other hand, I go crazy when people write something cryptic on their wall, then if people ask about it they won’t tell. If you can’t say something about it, then don’t put it on your wall! (Yes, I’m nosy.)

I nearly died when someone actually started writing about how they were having such great sex with their new boyfriend. Fortunately that’s only ever happened with one person ever, so it’s not a trend that seem to be catching on.

How do you feel about people over-sharing on Facebook? Anything that drives you nuts?


Not Having Childen

I read this article in which they’ve collected the responses of twelve women on why they don’t want to have children. It’s amazing to me that in this day and age, it’s still such a strange thing for a woman not to want children.

Having children is such a huge job, and takes up pretty much all of your time. I can fully understand that not everyone wants to make that commitment. A lot of days I’m not sure I want to make that commitment.

It’s strange though, why it’s always women who are asked. Once you’re of a certain age, people will generally ask if whether you’re planning/want to have children. But only if you’re a woman. I rarely, if ever, hear anyone ask a man the same questions.

Why is it that women are meant to want to have children, and men not? Maybe we should just not ask people things that in the end, really is none of their business anyway. (Not to mention, it can be an extra touchy subject if it’s actually someone who does want children, but has issues conceiving.)

If you actually answer “no”, when someone asks if you want to have children though – there is usually no end to them trying to convince you otherwise. (I used to say no, I had a period in my life when I was very much against having children.) Especially people who have children themselves. Is it that misery loves company? They’re sleep deprived, so everyone should be sleep deprived?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure having children is great and is very rewarding. But I don’t think we should assume that everyone wants to have them. Not even if they’re women.

Frustration (again)

I feel like this is becoming a recurring topic (frustration). As you probably remember, I was excited because my copy of Inquisition arrived last week. As it currently stands, I’ve yet to be able to play it. And it’s not just because I was gone for a few days.

My crappy mobile internet has not been co-operating!

So, when I first wanted to install the game – I realised that it wasn’t possible without Origin. Which meant that I had to logon to Origin. Normally, my internet behaves well enough to at least allow that, but no – my Origin was not co-operating. So I was unable to even begin the install. Eventually, about nine hours later, Origin finally allowed me to logon and I could begin the install.

After the installation, there was an update to download (bug fixes and whatnot). Okay, I left my slow, slow internet on during the night – and it was downloaded the next day around noon. By then it was Friday, and we were leaving for dad’s.

Finally back home, I think that now I’ll finally be able to play. Ha! Of course not! When I try to boot up the game, I’m informed that my graphics drivers aren’t up to date. Cue hours of trying to get my internet to download the driver. It’s downloading at a whopping 10 kb/s. The file is 225 MB, at a normal speed it would be done in minutes! Time remaining on my connection? 8 hours and 23 minutes. (It varies a lot cause the speed went down to 6 kb and all the way up to 12 kb!)

It’s now Tuesday, and I’ve left the download on over night. Hopefully when I come home from work I can install the driver and get going. But with my luck something else is going to be wrong/not work.

As a side note, how frustrating is it that you have to be online on Origin to even install the game? If someone doesn’t have internet, they basically can’t play it. Sure, once it’s installed you can go on offline mode in Origin, but to have to be online to do the initial install… yeah, you need internet.

Also, the dragonagekeep site wasn’t working on my crappy connection. Fortunately, the boyfriend came to the rescue and filled it all out for me. Hooray for the boyfriend!

So true.

So true. (Image from The Oatmeal.)



I’m so frustrated by my internet. Since moving I’m using this horrible, mobile internet (not even 3G) because it’s the only thing that can find a connection at all out here. And it’s driving me nuts. I can barely view websites, barely play World of Warcraft, barely check my e-mail and read blogs.

Some days it’s a little bit better, but for the most part it’s just awful. And it’s driving me nuts.

I’d like to spend some online time with the boyfriend, maybe leveling some alts in WoW or something. But I can’t – because my internet doesn’t let me.

Even blogging takes forever to load the page. That is, when it can be bothered to load the page at all. And as if all of this isn’t annoying enough – I have to pay a fortune for this shitty internet that barely works.

Sorry for the ranting, but I need to vent. I’m just so sick of it.


Ever so often (a bit more often than I’d like), I have someone call me up, trying to sell me something. Why is it that they a) never actually listen to you and b) will never take no for an answer?

Some of them have become easy to say no to now, though. “Sorry, I’m moving abroad this summer.”

It doesn’t help when they’re not listening though.

Telemarketer: Hi! As a valued customer to … Book Club, we’d like to offer you a choice from five books for free!

Me: Oh… Well, do I have to buy any more books after that?

Telemarketer: Yes, but… <insert random segments about why it’s so great>.

Me: Okay, well sorry then. I’m moving abroad this summer and I’m trying to have as little as possible with me. I just got rid of a whole bunch of books.

Telemarketer: But our service is great <insert random segments about why it’s so great>.

Me: Yeah, but I’m still moving this summer and I don’t want more books to take along.

Telemarketer: (finally seems to understand what I’m saying) Oh, okay. Bye!

(It should be noted, that this “valued customer” hasn’t actually been one since I moved to The Netherlands, which was in May 2000.)

I love books, and it’s difficult for me to not buy any. At least there’s Kindle. So I can buy books without it adding to the pile of stuff I’m bringing with me to England. Finding the Kindle app for my iPad was the best thing for me!

Your argument is invalid

So… I came across this on my Facebook feed the other day.


Whenever I see these, I have to grind my teeth. You know what? I was never spanked as a child, and guess what? I also have respect for others. So do a lot of people who were never spanked. There are also a lot of people out there who were spanked, who don’t have respect for others.

So, really. Your stupid post means nothing.

If we’re going by the logic in that image, then we can pick any random thing that happened to you and say that it formed you in some way. Then pretend like because it had X effect on you, it should have the same effect on everyone else. Sure, the post doesn’t explicitly state that people who are spanked have respect for others, and people who aren’t don’t. But it’s heavily implied.

I just don’t think that corporal punishment automatically makes someone a better behaved person. If anything, I’m leaning towards it just making you fear your parents, rather than actually understanding the difference between good and bad. You just know that you shouldn’t hit your little brother because then someone will hit you.

I don’t know. I know corporal punishment is very common in a lot of countries. But I just don’t think it’s the answer to why people are rude and misbehaved. I’ve seen kids that I know are spanked who are equally rude and misbehaved to kids who aren’t.

Since the difference seem minimal at best, I’m just tempted to say there’s no point to corporal punishment. Admittedly I’m biased, since I live in a country where corporal punishment is illegal. Funnily enough though, our kids aren’t less well-behaved than others. (Come on, most kids are little monsters, no matter what!)

What do you guys think? Do you think corporal punishment make for more well behaved children?

Facebook Pet Peeves

I never used to be on Facebook, but I’ve broken down and now check it a couple of times a day probably. With family living in various parts of the country, and friends in all parts of the world – it just seems like the easiest way to keep track of what they’re doing. I guess I’m nosy. Or a Facebook stalker. Whatever works though, right?

Anyway, as I’m hanging out on Facebook, there are some things that really annoy me when I see them. And I’m not even talking about the billion game requests – I’ve now learned how to hide/ignore them. It’s the inane things that people post sometimes.

“Like if you’ve ever…”

The posts where they tell you to like/share if you’ve ever done <insert random thing that 90% of the people on FB probably has done> or if you’re against cancer or some other serious illness/condition. Cause come on, who’s not against these things? And do I really have to “share this” if I love my mom. We all love our moms, we don’t have to prove it to you by sharing a picture/status!


“I’m a…”

This seems to be very popular at the moment. I get to know what flower everyone is, what bird they are, which colour, which supernatural being. These tests are so stupid, I clicked on a couple – and the questions don’t even make sense! It’s all just random stuff. I don’t understand how people can find these funny! And even if they do, why would you feel the need to share your result? Does anyone really care if you’re the colour blue, should be a redhead and that you’re an owl.

Adults acting like pre-teens

These statuses mainly seem to show up on my Swedish feeds, but I’m assuming they exist in English too. They’re basically a list like: “Like if you would want to hug me, Share if you would like to kiss me, Comment if you would like to date me”. I’m sorry, but surely that’s pre-teen stuff for you to find out if that cute guy in your class actually likes you? Not something for adults to do? Especially adults in serious relationships, cause why would they care if someone wants to date them??

Parents who have to prove their love

This one really grinds my gears. Some parents out there (I write parents, but to be fair – it seems to mainly be moms) seem to have the need to prove how much they love their children. Not by writing about the children or sharing stories about their parenting. But sharing inane little images about how much they love their child. “Share this if you love your son/daughter.” I don’t doubt that you love your kid(s). I don’t think anyone does. Why do you feel that you have to show it to us on FB all the time? If it was once in a while, I’d not really think about it. But there are some people who seem to post these all. the. friggin’. time!


Passive aggressiveness

You know the ones. People who complain about others without naming them, but it’s very obvious it’s aimed at someone. Even more funny is when someone complains about passive aggressiveness, and being passive aggressive about it themselves!


Wanting attention, and yet not…

Look. If you don’t want to talk about something… Don’t post about it on facebook! I never understood why people would want to post something vague, which they must know people will ask about… and then just not want to explain.


Bonus: Facebook App on your phone

I have the FB app on my phone, though I rarely use it. Even less now that they put it into two separate parts. No, Facebook! Just no! I am not willing to download a separate app to be able to chat with my friends. The first app had both, I don’t see why you had to split it into two. So I’m now refusing to download the new chat app, which means there’s not much use in having the first on my phone either.

Do you have any Facebook pet peeves?