Pet Portraits

Some time ago I was trying to take some “portraits” of the family pets. I still didn’t manage all of them, since a few absolutely refuse to stand still! But these are the ones I have so far.

Bailey, my dog.

Bailey, my dog.


Tindra, aunt's dog.

Tindra, aunt’s dog.


Ariel, aunt's dog.

Ariel, aunt’s dog.


Lova, grandma's cat.

Lova, grandma’s cat.


– Saga, my cat.
– Bella, mom’s dog.

Kitten Update

You know, just because they’re so cute! They’ve all been adopted by now, and will be picked up by their new owners in the next week or two. I still wish I could have gotten one, but if things work out with the boyfriend I might end up moving to the UK in the next year or two. Something that will be difficult enough with one dog and one cat. It’s best not to add another to the mix!

Anyway, enjoy some cute kitten pictures!

Bad blogger

I’m such a bad blogger. Instead of updating every other day or so with the random little things I want to, I just end up doing other things and never get around to it. One of my current time sinks is actually FarmVille. Which is ironic, since I’ve never been overly fond of Facebook and always said that I’d never play any of those games. And here I am… Playing FarmVille.

My farm ;)

My farm 😉


So, that’s my big, dirty secret at the moment. I play FarmVille!

Staying at my aunt’s house at the moment while she and her partner are away on holiday. So it’s just me and the two big beasts (her two Great Danes) and Bailey.

Also, I don’t think I properly said it – but I suspect everyone’s already figured it out. My old friend (who has been to visit me several times and I’ve written about it), and I finally agreed to be a couple “for real”. So I now officially have a boyfriend. How about that?

In fact, this probably happened in July, but I’ve not wanted to write about it, because I was having some doubts. Not about my feelings for him, they’ve been apparent for quite a long time, but rather me worrying about his feelings for me. He was never one to plan ahead, and whenever I’d try to find out what he wanted for the future he never really know. Something that was quite frustrating to me. It made me doubt that he really wanted this.

We’ve talked about it extensively now though, and I feel like we’re both fully in. Which is a lovely feeling. I’m very happy, and now I can’t wait until the next time we meet. (I just have to make sure I don’t have another allergic reaction!)

Photo from another time with the dogs out in the forest.

Photo from another time with the dogs out in the forest.


Autumn photo with the dogs.

Autumn photo with the dogs.


I’ve realised that whenever I take photos when out with the dogs I usually only end up with Tindra on them. I suspect it’s because she’s the oldest and doesn’t run around as much as the others. Getting photos with any of the other dogs is near impossible!

Grandma’s Kittens

They’re so cute, so I felt that I had to share! I’m trying really, really hard not to adopt one for myself. I guess one cat and one dog will have to do…

Grandma is probably keeping the dark kitten, a little girl that she’s named Lisa. The ginger is a little boy that Viggo is adopting. He’s named him Blixten, which is the Swedish name for Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars (his current obsession). I’d love one of the turtleshell girls, but I really need to restrain myself!

I’m Not Dead

My life is just a big mess it seems like, and I’m struggling to tell left from right and up from down. I’d tell you more about it, but it’s a bit too personal for even me (ha!). Unless I can figure out a way to password protect specific posts. Hmm…

Anyway, in the last two months I have spiraled further into my tiredness and not accomplished anything. At least that’s how it feels. In fairness, I have actually started to work a little bit. Only 10 hours a week, but it’s something. It gets me out of the house. It also leaves me exhausted afterwards, but it will hopefully get better. It’s unpaid, more like an internship, but maybe if I get better and can add more hours I can start getting paid a little as well.

I’ve also been to Spain for a week, and United Kingdom for a week (I will write about that in separate posts). Which is rather insane. Since I got sick about 6-7 years ago I’ve barely traveled or done anything. Then this year I’ve managed to visit three countries in four months! Planning to stay home for a while now though!

In other news, my grandma decided to get herself a cat for company. She got a really nice cat that was a bit older, since she had been returned after the previous owner became allergic. A really sweet cat, which my grandma named Lova.

"I'm adorable. Oh, yes I am!"

“I’m adorable. Oh, yes I am!”


Turns out that during the time she was back at the breeder’s she was let outside though (she was an indoors cat), and my grandma got a few cats extra!

Buy one, get four free!

Buy one, get four free!


Now I’m trying really hard to not steal one for myself since I already have one cat and one dog!


#IntPiPoMo: Pets! (30-34)

Some photos of my pets. There aren’t any of Molly yet since I’ve been very bad at taking photos recently. So it’s all old stuff.

Baby Bailey, so cute!


Already as a puppy he enjoyed getting dirty so he could drag it all inside for me to clean up…


He also ruined balls early on…


Saga had a period where she absolutely wanted to sleep in the sink.


Bailey playing with his sister Bella.

I’m a bad blogger…

I have lots of things to write, even if it’s small little updates about my life and those around me.. but I just never get around to me. Bad blogger is bad.

So, this post is just going to be some quick, brief notes (and photos!) about a couple of things I’ve not gotten around to write about.

Viggo’s Birthday

So, in August my one and only baby nephew turned one year old! I can’t believe how fast time flies, since I swear he was just born.. but here he is, a proper little toddler! He’s adorable as ever and I always have a great time when I see him. (Which is fairly often, fortunately, since he lives in the apartment upstairs!)

Viggo got his own little birthday cake. He finished all of it. “Winning!”

Viggo together with his youngest uncle; my little brother Fredrik.

Mom’s dog, Bella, was bored with the entire affair..


New Family Member

I’ve been taking care of a little dog for about a month since her owner works in Norway during the weeks and is only home for the weekends. About a week ago he asked me if I wanted her full-time, since he feels that he doesn’t have the time for her, and it’s not nice to have her move back and forth all the time. Having already fallen in love with her during the month I had her, I couldn’t refuse the offer.. and so there is a new member of the family; little Molly.

She gets along really well with Bailey and Saga, which makes me happy. I still haven’t gotten used to how tiny she is though. She’s only just barely bigger than the cat!

Molly (who can’t be still enough to not have an unfocused photo!)

Bailey (since you can’t have a photo of one dog and not the other!)

Bad Doggie!

I’ve been dogsitting for my aunt the past week (again), and this time her dog Ariel was being a bad doggy. One day when bored she decided to tear up my aunt’s bed. Normally she doesn’t do it if someone’s at home, so I leave the bedroom door open (they like to nap on the bed..) and only close it when I leave the house. Apparently that day she didn’t care that I was home!

I sent this photo to my aunt after the incident.

The sign is in Swedish, and basically reads “I’m sorry for eating your bed”.

Murder Kitty

I should probably warn any sensitive readers that I will be talking about critters who met their demise in this post.

My cat, Saga, is quite the hunter. I think I’ve written about it before. She catches just about anything (I’ve seen her eyeing moose through the windows.. but I think that’s not quite possible.. but she wants to!), and likes to leave them for me as “gifts”.

In my old apartment I made the mistake of having a window open for her to go in and out as she wanted. Sometimes I’d get home from work and find a dead bird under the bed. Lovely. I once had to take a break in the middle of a raid (in WoW) to catch a mouse that she had brought inside still alive. She actually brought that mouse (or another..) inside several times. I guess she thought they were easier to catch again when they were trapped by walls.

Nowadays I don’t have any windows open for her because I grew tired of finding dead animals inside. She now leaves them outside my door for me to find.

Last night she was outside for maybe two-three hours while I played some WoW on the computer (raiding). When I get up to let her inside she’s killed a mouse and a bird, both lying outside the door of course for me to see.

Here’s the odd thing. They don’t have heads.

This is a common theme with my cat. I have no idea what she does with the heads, cause I doubt she eats them (skulls seem hard to digest and all that). So I’ve been playing with some theories.

1) She’s a critter serial killer and keeps the heads as trophies of her kills. One day when I’m out in the garden I’ll probably move something and a pile of heads will come tumbling out. (And I will see Saga looking at me from the other side of the garden. “You weren’t supposed to see that. Now I will have to kill you.” )

2) She’s the kitty Godfather and uses the cut-off heads to warn her enemies. I can just see the cat nextdoor waking up one morning to find a mouse’s dead eyes staring back at him from his catbed.

I find either option just as likely. Maybe I should be afraid of my cat…