My aunt sent me a photo a little while ago. She’s been visiting the family friend who adopted my cat, Saga this evening – and wanted to let me know she saw her. I’m really glad that Saga has found a loving home, but at the same time – I’m completely unable to receive and look at pictures like this without basically turning into a blubbering baby.

I miss my little cat so much. It breaks my heart that I had to have someone else take her.


Throwback Thursday

This photo always makes me a bit teary-eyed. It’s of Tamlin again (from last week’s photo), taken when we were out for a walk in the forest. (You can see my aunt’s other dog in the background.) The reason it makes me sad is because it reminds me of him being gone – the way the photo makes it look like he’s walking away, and looking back at the camera. Gets me every time.

Tamlin <3

Tamlin <3

Throwback Thursday

A photo of me together with my aunt’s dog Tamlin taken a few years back. He sadly passed away a few years ago, and this is one of the few photos I have with me and him in it. Since moving back to Sweden I’ve helped my aunt out a fair bit taking care of her dogs whenever she’s working (she works off-shore so will be gone for a couple of weeks at a time), so always felt fairly close to them.

Tamlin and I.

Tamlin and I.

Before and After

As I wrote that title I realized that with the recent talk of diets, one might think it’s going to be photos of me. But too soon, my friends – too soon!

Bailey gets very furry when you don’t cut it down (think forest troll), so recently I had him shaved. His fur grows like weed, so he looks a little silly for like a month, then it gets a bit longer again. Also helps not to wear that huge fur coat in the summer heat, I’d think. 

So, here’s Bailey before and after his visit at the pet groomer. I swear it’s like I’m going home with another dog. 



We’ve run into some snags in regards to the move. The cost for flying to the UK with Bailey is insane – best quote I got was 1400 euros. It’s an insane cost, and just not doable. So now we have to look over our options and see how we can best proceed. It’s frustrating. We thought we’d figured out the best way to go forward, only to realise it’s not possible.

So, back to the drawing board!

Also, I’m getting frustrated because so many of the flats in the UK don’t allow you to have pets. There have been so many that I have to ignore because of it. Some of the ads don’t even mention it, so we have to ask them – and so far the answer that comes back is always the same. “Sorry, but no pets allowed.”

I have to stay positive though. We’ll figure out a way to get Bailey across, and eventually there has to be a nice flat becoming available that allows dogs!


As I’m looking into the options for getting Bailey across to England, I’m getting closer and closer to pulling out my hair. (And we really don’t want that, because I don’t have a lot to begin with!)

With EU, the borders and everything got a lot easier. You no longer need to quarantine your pet when you travel to another country, as long as you fulfil the requirements.

(Basically, pet passport, rabies vaccination and within 5 days of travel a tape worm treatment by a vet, so that you have papers confirming that it was done.)

So, at least we don’t have to put him into quarantine.

However, actually getting him across? It’s a nightmare.

Because UK isn’t part of the Schengen area, they have special rules when it comes to taking pets on flights. Basically, they’re not allowed on as pets (which is a fairly reasonable sum of 50-100 euros), but instead – you have to transfer them listed as cargo. Of which you pay per kilo. Most of the costs I’ve seen so far range in the 300-500 area.

On top of that I may have to fly from Stockholm, which is on the other side of the country, because a lot of the cargo companies only do pets from there. And I’ll have to buy a flight approved cage, which is 150 more.

At this point, moving Bailey is nearing the price of the moving of my entire household.

I looked into driving him, but that’s even more expensive. Fuel+ferries+hotel… Let’s not even talk about it.

This means I’m left with two choices. 1) Pay a fortune and fly him across. 2) Bite the bullet and skip the removal company, instead renting a truck and making the drive myself (meaning a 5-6 day journey going to and from since obviously truck needs to be returned). That way at least Bailey costs nothing extra. But we have to do the horrible drive ourselves.

It’s difficult to know what to do. I’m so disappointed that I can’t just take him along on the flight with me without paying an arm and a leg.

Step One

Step one is completed for moving Bailey to England with me.

The vet declared him in good health, and even commented on how good his teeth are for his age (he’s 8). We also had to get a rabies shot, which is required for traveling to England. He’s now allowed to travel in 21 days!

No more than five days before arriving in England though, we have to visit the vet before we leave and also have him treated for worms. That should be it though, and he should not have to be quarantined.

I’m worried about how to actually get him there though. Flights is difficult because they don’t allow you to take dogs to England on a flight, unless you have them delivered as cargo – and that only seems to be done from Stockholm. Rest of EU, yep – but England has to be that special cookie and have different rules.

So I have to see whether I should hike all the way across the country to Stockholm and fly from there – or if I can arrange for someone to drive him to England. In either case, it’s going to cost a fortune, which sucks. But I also can’t imagine leaving him behind.


I may have found a new home for my cat, Saga. As I was driving to my dad’s to celebrate Easter, my mom called and said that an old friend of hers was looking for a new cat. They wanted to take Saga home to see if she would be a good fit, and so far I’ve not heard any complaints. (Other than that her name was a bit too “wimpy”. I’m not surprised, this woman has a horse named Ferrari…)

It was a bit of a shock though, since everything happened to quickly. They picked her up while I was still away, which means I didn’t get to say good bye – or even properly prepare. The woman sent me a photo on facebook of Saga with a little Easter greeting – and that made me cry, since I realised she’s truly gone from me now.

She’ll no longer be sleeping by my feet, or walking around “talking”, wanting my attention to the fact that her food bowl is empty. She won’t jump up on my desk and snuggle down between my arms, blocking my path to the keyboard.

I miss her. But I know this is for the best. I just don’t think she’d be happy in a big town with lots of traffic. This way, she will be living in the countryside, with big fields filled with plenty of mice and birds to hunt.

Once she’s settled in a bit more, I will drive out and say my good byes. I don’t want to do it too soon though, since I’m worried that it would confuse her. It’s about her well-being after all, and I want her to feel at home with her new family.

“Welcome Home”

This past weekend I drove up to see my dad and them. It was also the christening ceremony for my littlest nephew, William. With my mom out of town on her on holiday, I had no one to look after the pets. So Bailey had to come with on the drive, and Saga got to stay home alone. (Obviously with someone checking in on her every day.)

I left a window open to allow her to go in and out as she wanted. Leaving a window open always worries me though. She likes to leave dead animals for me by the front door, so I was worried about how many dead animals I’d find inside my apartment when I returned home.

Fortunately, there was only one. Left ceremoniously on the carpet in the hallway for me to find. I’m just glad I didn’t step on it in the darkness…

I also found her “Kill Room” aka my bathroom. There’s some blood spatter. I’m sure Dexter could have told us her method. Me, I prefer just cleaning it up.

Still, I think I should be grateful she’d left it at one. (Unless there are more hidden somewhere.) She dropped another one off outside the door later in the evening again. Maybe she was worried I hadn’t been fed when I was away?

Cute nephew, asleep after a trying day.

Cute nephew, asleep after a trying day.


My mom, her partner and my brother I has gone on vacation for a week. They’re going on a cruise to St. Petersburg in Russia. Left behind is my mom’s dog, Bella. I went by their place on Saturday evening to pick her up, since I’ll be looking after her during their time away. As I was approaching the dog, I realised there was a horrible smell coming from her.

“You do realise she stinks, right?” I asked my mom. Cause we’re not talking a little bit of a smell, whatever she’s done – it reeks.

“What? No..” My mom says, looking like she has no idea what I’m talking about. (I can’t help but wonder if they’re all oblivious to smells.)

We pack her food bowl and stuff together, and get ready to leave. My mom bends down to pet her and say goodbye, only to sort of pull back with a look of horror. “Oh yeah.. I smell it now.”

So, I am now stuck with a very smelly dog, since my mom didn’t realise it in time to clean her up. I need to clean her up, cause this smell is not something you can live with for a week. With Bailey, it’s never really an issue. I could easily shampoo him up, throw a stick in the lake and wait for him to rinse it off himself as he lunges after it.

With Bella… That’s not going to happen. She’ll dip her feet in the water, but that’s about it. I’m at the point where I’m beginning to contemplate shampooing her, luring her out onto a bridge and then toss her in the water. Obviously, though, that’d be a bit cruel.. So I won’t do that.

The other option is washing her in my shower. Which means I’ll get a good washing too. And my couch/bed/[insert random object she could possibly get onto] will get soaked. Because once she’s wet. We all know she’ll punish me by rolling around wet in everything she can.

Sadly my garden isn’t enclosed, or I’d shower her and then lock her outside in the sun until she dries. Then again, she’d probably roll around in the grass when wet and bring half my lawn back inside with her…

So I’m not entirely sure what to do. The Bella Conundrum I call this… It could be a case for Sherlock Holmes! (Since Sherlock is on a break, I am now watching Elementary.)

The smelly culprit..

The smelly culprit..