Monday Movie – Thunderstruck (2Cellos)

It’s Monday again, so I’m sharing another YouTube clip!

I never new cellos could sound like this. Extra points for playing an AC/DC song. Childhood memories! (My dad was always into rock and my childhood was filled with AC/DC and Status Que etc.)

Monday Movie – Cards Against Humanity

Movie time! I’m not a big fan of PewDiePie, who’s apparently one of the people making the most money on YouTube. That being said, this movie is funny, because he’s playing Cards Against Humanity, and it looks very fun. I want to get it for when I get to hang out with all of the siblings around Christmas. It would be the perfect game for us to play!

Monday Movie – Save the World/Don’t You Worry Child (Pentatonix)

Another Monday, another movie!

I’ve recently discovered the Pentatonix, an a Capella group with a lot of YouTube videos. They apparently won the third season of the Sing Off in the US. In any case, I think they’re amazing. I love how a Capella can sound like there are instruments and everything.

Monday Movie – Brittany Furlan

It’s Monday, so time for another YouTube movie clip!

This is Brittany Furlan, showing us how to turn a guy on by eating a banana.

Monday Movie – BaneCat

Another Monday, another movie!

This one has me, my brother and the boyfriend all in stitches. We’re all fairly big fans of the Dark Knight movies though. But it might be fun even if you haven’t seen them. With no further introduction… BaneCat!


Monday Movie – Game of Thrones Frozen

It’s time for another Monday Movie!

This is a parody of Frozen, but for Game of Thrones. It made me chuckle. Especially the Joffrey part.



Monday Movie – Shatter Me

There are so many fun movies on YouTube, I just feel that I have to share some! This one is from the very talented Lindsey Stirling, who’s great on the violin. She makes a lot of covers, but this is a song she’s written herself, and she has help from Lzzy Hale on vocals. It’s a very catchy song!


Monday Movie – How Animals Eat Their Food

After theĀ before mentionedĀ GoT drinking game we were all looking at various silly videos on Youtube. Now, I don’t know if it was the alcohol or not – but this particular video had me in stitches.