Monday Movie: Supernatural Parody

You’ve probably already come across this, but I’m not a big Youtube viewer so I miss most things until a friend or brother show it to me. I found this one quite funny, maybe because I also think that “Shake It Off” is a very catchy song. Seeing the real actors towards the end is possibly the best part. That and “fake” Dean doing the Eye of the Tiger moves.

Monday Movie

Movie time! I’m not a big fan of PewDiePie, who’s apparently one of the people making the most money on YouTube. That being said, this movie is funny, because he’s playing Cards Against Humanity, and it looks very fun. I want to get it for when I get to hang out with all of the siblings around Christmas. It would be the perfect game for us to play!

Monday Movie

Another Monday, another movie!

I’ve recently discovered the Pentatonix, an a Capella group with a lot of YouTube videos. They apparently won the third season of the Sing Off in the US. In any case, I think they’re amazing. I love how a Capella can sound like there are instruments and everything.