Starting Dragon Age: Inquisition

With how much I’m writing about Dragon Age lately, I could almost justify merging this blog with Spellbound and making just one big mess out of everything! Anyway, so I am now into Inquisition, and I’m really enjoying it. I’m trying to keep it free from spoilers, but if you’re very cautious, you may want to skip this post. I’m only somewhere between 25-30 hours in, but at least I’ve warned you!


I think the introduction sequence was done really well, where you’re not quite sure what’s happened and are just sort of thrown into everything. It was great seeing characters that you’ve encountered, or even played with, in previous games. I do love those little cameos that you get as well. Obviously, a lot of characters in this game has more than cameos. Cassandra, Leliana, Cullen and Varric are there to stay. Hooray!

The one thing I don’t like with how the game plays – and I realise this is just me, because I’m very strange – is that you have no option to move with your mouse. It’s WASD, and that’s it pretty much. I’ve never been able to move well with WASD. I can’t say why exactly, it’s just not something I can do. So every other game I play, I always rebind movement so that I can move by holding down my two mouse-buttons (if it’s not already an option), and bind strafe to my mouse buttons 4+5 on the side. So, I’m struggling a bit with movement.

Fortunately, my character is a Mage, so at least I don’t have to keep moving during fights to be in melee range. It was a big disappointment to me though, that I could only move with WASD. I guess I only have myself to blame though, having never learned to properly do it, while I guess almost every other person out there playing games do.


The story of the game is really interesting, but I won’t really go into it, since I don’t want to overly spoil anything. I’m having to pace myself though, because I’m too tempted to move the main story along too quickly, and I don’t want that since there are a lot of fun side quests.

The companions and advisors are great. You still can’t talk to your party members when out in the field (there’s party banter of course), but I’m okay with that since they always seemed to move in front of whatever object you were trying to click anyway. No, Wynne I do not want to talk to you right now! Move away!

You can, however, talk to them whenever you want to in your base. This was something you couldn’t in DA2, and I’m soo happy that they brought it back! There’s also a fair amount of little cut scenes with your companions, even when not romancing them, which is really nice.

Romancing seems slow, but I’m okay with that. Slow and steady, as they say! I’ve heard good things about the romance arcs, so I’m very much looking forward to mine. Yeah, Cullen – I’ve got my eyes on you!

There was a little Alistair cameo at one point, and I have to admit that I don’t like what they did with his model. Until he actually introduced himself, I didn’t even recognise him!


I really can’t wait to continue playing and finding out what else is in store for my character. I’ve only recently made it to Skyhold, but even so, I think I still have the majority of the game ahead of me. I’m okay with that though, since I’m really enjoying it. The most difficult part is going to be to refrain from moving the main story along too fast!


Dragon Age 2

So, I finished Dragon Age 2 a few weeks ago. I enjoyed it, though probably not quite as much as the first one. Some things were better, while other things I missed.


I liked the combat system in the second game. It felt nice and smooth, with the action key letting you continue attacking. The spells and abilities looked really cool as well.

I hated Carver. I’m sorry, I know he was my brother – but he was whiney and annoying. Always complaining, never approving anything I did. He wasn’t even grateful when I saved his life! Needless to say, I didn’t take him along in my party as soon as I had enough without him.

The little cameos from companions in DA:O were enjoyable. Hi, Zev! Even Nathaniel from Awakening made an appearance! I only wish we could have seen Sten Shale. I want to know if she ever got to become a dwarf again.

I did miss the possibility to chat to your companions whenever you wanted. I loved being able to have conversations with them in camp in Origins, and it was a shame that there was nothing like it in DA2. Sure, the companion quests were nice, but it didn’t make up for the lack of chatting.

They ruined Anders. I loved him in Awakening. He was very funny there, but in DA2 he almost seemed like a different character all together. Even the voice was different! (And I loved his original voice. But I guess they couldn’t have Greg Ellis do two voices in the same game, especially since they share screen time.) I really missed Anders from Awakening, this one was a boring, whiney version.

The reason (I'm guessing) Anders had a different voice. Hello, Cullen!

The reason (I’m guessing) Anders had a different voice. Hello, Cullen!

The companions in general I did enjoy. They all had interesting stories and personalities (Anders’ was just bad because I wanted him to be the way he was in Awakening. Had he been a new character, I probably wouldn’t have minded.) The quests where you’re trying to help Aveline with her love life had me laughing out loud.

I have mixed feelings about the lack of gear for companions. It’s nice not having to save all the gear to check if a companion can wear it, but at the same time I miss being able to customise them. I really enjoyed dressing Alistair up like a Ken doll in DA:O. (Oh look, a templar set – you look dashing! Oh here! Cailen’s armour… you look regal!)

Something I really enjoyed in DA:O was the fact that the game took automatic screenshots for you during specific points in the story. You could, of course, take extra ones yourself. But it’s something I tend to forget, so I loved that the game did it for me. Sadly this doesn’t exist in DA:2 (nor in Inquisition), which means that I have very few screenshots. Shame.

Flemeth's model definitely looked cooler compared to Origins.

Flemeth’s model definitely looked cooler compared to Origins.


On the whole, I enjoyed the game and I’m very much looking forward to playing Inquisition.

What did you think about DA2?

It’s here!

Right, so I finished Dragon Age 2 a while back (will write down my thoughts on that one of these days).

Today my copy of Inquisition finally arrived! Unfortunately I’m going away for the weekend to celebrate Easter at my dad’s, so won’t really get to play it until next week.

Can’t wait though. I’m planning to make a Mage and make Cullen eat all the crap he’s said about mages!

It’s time…


Taking a break from re-playing Origins to actually get onto the second one. Heard great things about the third, but can’t really play that until this is done. So here goes!

Dragon Age

With my internet being so awful, I’ve been playing very little World of Warcraft and decided to instead start on my backlog of other games. First off was Dragon Age: Origins, and I have to admit that I’m still playing it. I can’t believe I never got around to playing it before. I absolutely love it!

You can talk to huge-ass trees!

You can talk to huge-ass trees!

I’ve played it through once, and now I’ve started a second playthrough since I was a Rogue the first time around, and now I’m trying Mage. Since decisions make the story slightly different, I also try to make slightly different ones – without making my character into one that I don’t like. I’m considering a third playthrough as a male Warrior so that I can try out romancing Morrigan.

I’ll be honest, I was a bit disappointed that you couldn’t romance Duncan early on in the game. But as I got further in, I forgave them the transgression because, Alistair. Need I say more? I love the romance between your Warden and Alistair if you decide to go down that route.

Aaww! Look at them!

Aaww! Look at them!

My second playthrough I had planned to romance Leliana, but that story wasn’t nearly as fun. In comparison to my Alistair romance, it actually felt rather boring. So… I may have left her for Alistair. At one point I thought about romancing Zevran. But. Alistair.

Sorry, Leliana. I just can't do this!

Sorry, Leliana. I just can’t do this!

So yeah. I guess I’m an Alistair addict. Can you blame me?

Oh, Alistair. Did you have a bad dream again?

Oh, Alistair. Did you have a bad dream again?