Legion Beta

Only fellow geeks will get this, but I’m just really happy! Today Legion Beta will go live, and I finally got an invite after jealously glancing at the people who had Alpha access.

I’m admittedly not the “best” Beta player, since I generally don’t play through everything (I like to save it for live). That said, I’m looking forward to being able to test out the changes to the Hunter class (which is my current main), to see if it’s even something I’ll want to continue playing. Also quite wanting to give the Demon Hunter a try.

In any case, I’m happy. I might be able to choose which class to play before the expansion goes live now!

It says Alpha, but it's actually Beta.

It says Alpha, but it’s actually Beta.

Cullen can read…

This is a conversation that your Inquisitor has with Cullen in Dragon Age: Inquisition. I find it hilarious. I really, really love those games…


I cannot unsee this…

This is another post that only those who have played Dragon Age: Inquisition can fully understand… But I had to share!

I cannot unsee this. I just cannot…

cullen-macklemore mackullen

Solas in Dragon Age: Inquisition

This will admittedly only make sense to people who have played the game. So anyone reading my blog, who hasn’t. I’m sorry. I will post other stuff soon, I promise!


This is taken from this Tumblr page.

Romance in Dragon Age: Inquisition

So, Tania reminded me that the new DLC is out for Inquisition – which I can’t get yet, which is killing me! It got me right back into the Dragon Age hype again though, and I’ve just started on the other two DLCs that I got for my birthday.

It also reminded me that I want to finish my second playthrough, as an elf, so that I can romance Solas. Only this happens every time.

1 5Art by the talented Mur. Dr Mur.


Frustrating things

So, the boyfriend and I play a game together with other people (World of Warcraft). In fact that’s how we originally met. Now, the issue here is that we haven’t actually told anyone of the people that we play with that we’re a couple, because it just never really seemed relevant, and the boyfriend is a very private person. I’ve told one of the other girls in the guild, since we like to have little gossip sessions now and then, but other than her, I don’t think anyone knows (except possibly her boyfriend who also plays with us).

Now, I couldn’t care less if people know that we’re dating or not. I don’t feel any particular need to shout it from the rooftops or anything.


When I’m visiting the boyfriend, like now, and we’re playing (raiding) with those other people and use voice communication, it drives me absolutely crazy that I can’t talk to him. Because they might hear me. It makes me feel very restricted in what I can say and when, and it’s incredibly frustrating.

Because then it’s suddenly no longer a “not bothered telling them” and instead turns into this big “hush hush hidey”-thing. Not saying something is not the same as sometimes outright lying about what’s going on. I get being private, but when you start to venture into the territory of lying to keep something secret, it’s starting to become an issue.

Most of all though, it just drives me nuts that I have to be careful about when I talk, in case they might hear me. I’m a chatty person, and having to remember to stay silent is incredibly difficult and frustrating.

It might just be me though. Everyone has different views on these things, I’m sure. Maybe I just need to learn to talk less!


After finishing Dragon Age: Inquisition, and loving the romance element so much, I wanted more. So I actually went onto fanfiction.net and read around a little. The quality of work there really varies a lot, but some of it is really quite good/interesting. By the way, I think we need more Duncan fanfic… The very first time I played Dragon Age, I was raging because Duncan wasn’t a love interest. I barely got anywhere that time though, because my hard drive died and I lost interest. (I don’t think I’d even done the battle at Ostagar, that’s how early in the game I was.)

I’ve especially enjoyed playing through both the Alistair romance and the Cullen romance. Sometimes I think I should try some of the others, and I do, at least for a while – but then I end up back with Alistair or Cullen anyway.

They’re just really well-written characters. Not that the rest of them aren’t. I don’t know, there’s just something about those two. At first glance one might think that they’re the same type of character. They do have similarities. They’re both blond, warrior type men. Both brought up in the Templar Order. But other than that, I think they’re actually quite different – and their romances reflect that.

Alistair is very funny, he likes to joke a lot – and when talking to him in DA:O and asking questions, he often won’t give you straight answers. If you’re nice to him, as a female, he will generally pursue you – despite being inexperienced at these things.

Cullen is a much more serious person, he has baggage. While I realise it’s partly because of the way the game is played, you have to pursue him rather than him coming to you. He admits to having liked you for a long time, but that he felt that it wasn’t his place to pursue you – since basically you’re his boss. You’re more or less friend-zoned in the first part of the game, only after nearly dying to a dragon does he seem to notice you.

Side note: The way the Inquisition romances play out… Does anyone else feel like we’re a law suit on sexual harrassment waiting to happen? As the Inquisitioner you’re basically everyone’s boss, and here you are, propositioning them left right and center! I also found some of the romance options to be very forward, and my characters are usually a bit less so. Alistair’s romance worked well for me that way, because I could be sweet to him and teasingly flirt a bit – and he’d come to me. With Inquisition I have to sometimes choose very forward options with the romanceable companions.

Anyway, this got a lot longer than planned. Basically, what I wanted to say was that after finishing Inquisition and thinking about Cullen as a character who has been with us all the way since Origins… I started going “what if..?” and then I couldn’t stop myself. So I started a fanfic. /facepalm

In the end though, I think it might be a good experience for me. I’ve not written properly in years, and I do want to get back into it and get my novels published (even if that means doing it myself as e-books). Writing this fanfic will hopefully get me back into the swing of things. Which is definitely needed, cause as I’m writing this little fanfic, I’m feeling very, very rusty!



So, I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition last night… I really enjoyed this game! And the romance. I’m such a romance nerd… It’s one of my favourite parts of the game. Sadly, I forgot to take much screenshots of the last half of the game, it’s definitely a feature I miss from Origins. Maybe it’s for the best though, I can’t accidentally spoil something with images!

It’s a great game, and I think anyone who likes RPG games should give it a go. Obviously, you’d have to start with Dragon Age: Origins and also play Dragon Age II. Okay, okay! I realise you don’t have to… but you should, it’s such a great story! And even if you can easily play each one as a stand-alone, they work so nicely together!


I’ve enjoyed them so much that I’m actually tempted to go back to Origins and do a full playthrough from game one through three!

And also, the romances… If you’re not into that, you can ignore it… But I love, love, love the romances. They’re so well written. BioWare definitely knows how to write good and interesting characters. Even if you’re not romancing anyone, just walking around your base and chatting with your companions can be hilariously funny. I loved the little cut scenes you got with your companions.

Now, I just need to decide if I should do the full Dragon Age playthrough… Or maybe get something useful done… Hmm…

Because every post needs a Cullen picture.

Because every post needs a Cullen picture.


If you don’t want any spoilers regarding Dragon Age: Inquisition romances, you should stop reading now. This post is about the Cullen romance, first steps. So if you don’t want any spoilers regarding it, click away now!






Right! So, after flirting with Cullen at every point possible, I finally got somewhere! It felt like it took a long time, but it was definitely worth it! It’s such a great romance so far! As I said, I’m only on like the first one so far – the one where you get to choose to start an exclusive romance with him.

It all started with my Inquisitor walking in on Cullen playing a game of chess (or the Thedas version of it) with Dorian.Winning rather ungracefully to Dorian’s dismay! As Dorian leaves, Cullen invites the Inquisitor to play. Naturally, I had to say yes.

Your move, Cullen...

Your move, Cullen…

I actually played fair, despite being allowed the options to cheat or letting him win. You also get a chance to ask him about his family, and find out that he has a sister and a brother. Despite playing fair, my character won, and I was happy to see that Cullen is note a sore loser! Then you can flirt with him and say that you think it would be nice to spend more time together. He agrees, and when you’re a little bit flustered and repeat yourself…

Smirking Cullen.

Smirking Cullen.

I never thought anyone could look adorable while smirking, but BioWare has proven me wrong with Cullen!

That pretty much ended the scene, but I was too curious, so I went back to his room and talked to him again. That gave me the option to ask him for a private chat. Yes! Cue cut scene where we’re walking out on the ramparts.

Awkward Cullen talking about the weather.

Awkward Cullen talking about the weather.

Apparently my Inquisitor is not one for tip-toeing around the subject. She asks, more or less straight forward, if he could care for a Mage, saying that she really cares for him. He’s very cute and flustered, but yes – he definitely likes you!

There’s some tension, and he leans in for a kiss…

almost-kissI’m probably squeeing out loud at this point… Then, when you’re just about to kiss. A guard comes running! This had me laughing for sure, because you can so clearly see the frustration on Cullen’s face and in his posture. The guard can see it too…


“But Commander! The report! You wanted… the… report…”

The guard isn’t quite sure what to make of it at first. Here’s his commander asking him to deliver a report as soon as possible, then when you’re just trying to do your job.. your commander nearly rips your head off for doing exactly what you asked!

Meanwhile your Inquisitor is standing behind Cullen looking like she’s trying very hard not to be noticed.

I'm not here...

I’m not here…

The guard seems to figure out what’s going on and decides that he can probably deliver the report to Cullen’s desk instead and backs away slowly. Because you don’t want to turn your back to an angry Cullen… who knows what will happen!

Cullen turns back to your Inquisitor, and you’re trying to do the responsible thing by saying that if he needs to go to attend to things, that’s fine… But he cuts you off by grabbing hold of you, pulling you close and ravishing you. Okay, okay… No ravishing, but he does kiss you and it looks like a really nice kiss!

You get to have a bit of a conversation at this point, basically solidifying that this is the romance choice that you want to make, and it’s all very sweet.

You're mine now, Cullen! Muahahaha!

You’re mine now, Cullen! Muahahaha!

Anyway, that pretty much concludes your first romantic encounter with Cullen. I thought it was very well-written and a great combination of sweet, funny and hot. I look forward to seeing more of it, but I think the story will have to progress a bit further before that happens. Right now, basically my only choice is more kissing time on the ramparts (never a bad idea!) or breaking up (not happening!).

It’s funny though… When you cue the little kissing scene on the ramparts, at the end when Cullen walks away to get back to work… Your Inquisitor will lean against the ramparts and look at him as he walks away, and she has this really leering look on her face. I bet she’s undressing him in her mind!




I was chatting with the boyfriend on Skype the other night.

Me: I can’t really play Inquisition while we’re chatting on Skype.

Bf: Why not?

Me: Because I might miss some interesting conversation!

Bf: Are you being sarcastic? You’re being sarcastic, aren’t you?

Me: No… But I wasn’t referring to our conversation, I meant that I won’t hear the characters speaking in Inquisition…

I’m pretty sure he facepalmed at this point.