Amusement Park Fun

On Sunday I took my nephew, Viggo, to the amusement park Liseberg in Gothenburg. We’d gone there last summer and he has talked about it since. So I thought it would be a fun thing for us to do together before I move to another country and won’t get to see him much anymore.

It was a great day, with lovely September weather, and Viggo was enjoying himself immensely. He dared to go on more rides than I had expected as well, which was great. Like, he dared to go on one of my favourites, called JukeBox which is pretty fast and spinning. He’d just hit the height requirements for the bigger rides (not the roller coasters though), so he was quite satisfied.

Getting to Gothenburg is a two hour drive, so we started the visit with waffles for lunch. (And boy do they over-charge you in these places!)


Since I went on most of the rides with him, I don’t actually seem to have a single photo of him on any of them. We did get him a facial drawing though. We bought the “small drawing”, and expected it to be a half-face one (like top half, like a mask). As it turns out, it was just a little bit around one eye, so we kind of wish we’d paid for the “full one”. Still, Viggo was happy cause he sort of looked like Spider-man!

spidermanThere are a lot of lottery wheels and small games spread throughout the park as well, and Viggo managed to win a huge chocolate on one of them. 2 kilos! He also won a squirt gun on a toy wheel, so he had quite some luck!


Look at the size of that thing!!! (There’s actually not a huge chocolate inside though, but instead 40 smaller bars. Which is probably for the best!) At that point we’d been on a water ride, so his spider-man drawing was quite smudged. He said it looked cooler now! Hahaha!

All in all, I think he had a great day – and I’m glad that we got to do this together before I move away.

Nephew turning 4!

I can’t believe my nephew is already four years old! Today is his birthday and we celebrated with a big family dinner (tacos), and a pineapple pie. (He’s already had a birthday cake at his mom’s yesterday, so two days in a row seemed like overkill – not that Viggo necessarily agreed on that!)

It was a good day, with lots of gifts and fun! Now he’s sitting on my bed playing with my iPad while his dad is putting his sister to bed.

Viggo showing us how old he is now.

Viggo showing us how old he is now.


Gifts time!

Gifts time!


Bonus photo of the cute niece who went with me to the supermarket when we discovered that we were missing a couple of things.

Bonus photo of the cute niece who went with me to the supermarket when we discovered that we were missing a couple of things.


The last two photos were stolen from my sister since I didn’t get any myself. (You can see my phone in the hands of the niece in the last one, even!)

Throwback Thursday

I moved to the Netherlands when one of my brothers was only two years old, and so whenever I was visiting Sweden he absolutely had to fall asleep in my lap. Any other time he went to his own bed fine, but if I was home for a visit – Em’s lap, or nothing!

He’s 17 now, and might die if I showed him this photo. I think that means I should show it to him, doesn’t it?


Movie Night

My sister is still in town until this weekend (though her boyfriend went back home last weekend), and so we took the opportunity to have a movie night yesterday. Two of our brothers joined as well, and we ordered pizza and watched Pitch Perfect 2.

I loved the first movie, and the second one wasn’t bad. Not quite as good as the first one, but it was funny. I had read somewhere that Pentatonix (a 5-man a capella group that I think are really good) was going to be in it, and I was a little bit disappointed by how very little they actually were. Still, the German group was fun to see (especially their Muse cover!).


The Coast

I live in a tiny village in Sweden (as I believe I’ve said before). Like, imagine lots of trees. A LOT of trees. Then add a couple of lakes. Then a few houses. Yep, that’s where I live.

Yes, this is an actual village.

Yes, this is an actual village. The town center is on the right side between the lakes.

Anyway, we only live about one hour from the west coast, so during the summer we tend to go there now and then. We recently went with my nephew Viggo to play miniature golf (he thought it was great fun), and I also went another day with my mom, brother and my sister and her boyfriend who were visiting.

Someone has a very peculiar style when golfing.

Someone has a very peculiar style when golfing.

It’s pretty amazing how the coast can have so much better weather than we do, with only a one hour drive. When we left our town it was grey-ish and a bit rainy – then we hit the coast and it looks like this.

Where'd the clouds go???

Where’d the clouds go???

It’s not fair!

So now I want to move to the coast. Or I would have, if I’d been planning to stay in Sweden. Oh, I just realised I will be moving to the coast! Only the British coast. So I don’t know if the weather will improve much… Hmm…

Bonus image of Viggo riding on his uncle Isak's shoulders, because it's just too cute.

Bonus image of Viggo riding on his uncle Isak’s shoulders, because it’s just too cute.

Weekend Away

This past weekend my mom and I drove down to visit my sister H and her boyfriend. They live in Malmö in the south of Sweden, about a five hour drive from where I am. The weather wasn’t great, but at least the rain held up for most of the time, but you can tell from the photos that it was very cloudy.

Still, it was a very nice visit. I hadn’t been down to see her for years (she usually comes here since she visits mom and all the other family). She had a new apartment together with her boyfriend that they moved into in October last year. I’m kind of jealous of it, because it’s really big and very nice. In England the places in general seem a lot smaller. I guess it’s because the lack of space compared to Sweden. We’re kind of spoilt by it, after all.

It was a nice weekend, we did a little bit of sightseeing, but mainly just hung out, watched a movie, went out to dinner etc.
  The Turning Torso, an apartment building in Malmö known for it’s peculiar shape.
The old Limestone Quarry in Limhamn, just outside the city.

Long weekend

This has been a pretty long and trying weekend, though I suspect even more for my brother than I. At the moment I’m staying in his house, and on Friday we picked up his two kids (he has my nephew every other week, and my niece every other weekend, so basically we pick them up together, but she goes back to her mother sooner). As it turned out… My nephew had the stomach flu, so we spent the entire afternoon and evening on Friday taking care of him.

He was in such a sorry state as well. It had apparently started already on Thursday morning, so by the time he came to us he was exhausted. To the point where he would just sort of fall into a heap on the floor, and you had to carry him. This is a kid that’ll be four in August and usually wants to prove that he can do everything himself. Whether he can or not.

Saturday he had stopped vomiting at least, but he was still exhausted and spent the entire day lying on the couch/in bed half watching movies and half asleep. We figured at that point that the worst was over.


Around 10pm on Saturday the niece woke up in her cot, sat up… And started vomiting. Since she’s just over one year old, it’s a lot more difficult to deal with. Panic, since she doesn’t know what’s going on… Inability and unwillingness to vomit into something tidy, like a bucket. You get the idea.

Today (Sunday) she was at least not longer vomiting, just very tired and feverish. She spent the majority of the day plastered to me on the couch, too tired to move. Normally she’ll be running around touching everything. For once I could actually leave the dog’s food and water bowls on the floor, she didn’t even think about messing with them.

Poor kids. I feel bad for my brother though, as well. I helped as much as I could, but obviously he did most of the work – cleaning up, washing bedclothes… I’m just glad that both of the kids seem to be getting better now. Hopefully they’ll both be feeling better by tomorrow.

Happy Easter!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter. I hope you’re having a great day with lots of chocolate. Cause that’s  what this holiday is about, right?

 Little niece and nephew with their eggs.


My little brother I turned 17 while I was in England, so I brought him back some British gifts; Twinings tea, a travel cup and some Cadbury’s chocolate.

I think the little tin jars for the tea are gorgeous though, and now I want them for myself!

Tin jars. Me want.

Tin jars. Me want.

Moa’s First Birthday

Today my little niece, Moa, turned one. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since she came into the world. Time really does fly by at times.

We celebrated yesterday though, since she lives with her mom – and she seemed to enjoy herself. Mom had made her a special little birthday cake, just for her – which she devoured, making a big mess. As you’re meant to as a one year old.

Why do I never get a cake all to myself btw? Favouritism! That’s why!

The cake that everyone else got to eat. So pretty.

The cake that everyone else got to eat. So pretty.

Auditioning for "Let's Dance"?

Auditioning for “Let’s Dance”?

"A cake? Just for me!?"

“A cake? Just for me!?”

Nom nom! Eating her very own cake.

Nom nom!

Hi! I'm 1 now!

Hi! I’m a whole year old now!

Playing with big brother Viggo.

Playing with big brother Viggo.