More than halfway through…

… my holiday now. It feels kind of sad, but at the same time I’ve been having a good time. I really need to get better at taking photos though, because I suspect that my blog posts get a bit boring without any visual aids.

Yesterday I met the boyfriend’s mom for lunch down in the town where she works. I could walk there, since the boyfriend’s apartment is only 10 minutes away or so from the shopping streets. It was nice to have some one-on-one time with his mom, even if I was a bit nervous about it. After all, I’m not awesome at chit chat and rather shy at times. It was nice though, we had a cup of tea and a cake at a little café and just chatted.

In the evening the boyfriend and I went out to a restaurant where we met his best friend and his girlfriend. So, I guess, like a double date? We went to the boyfriend’s favourite restaurant which is a thai place. It was nice, but I have to admit that I liked my started more than my main. So if we go there again in the future (which I suspect we will, it being his favourite and all), I will ask to have my starter as the main. (They apparently do that.)

We had tapas for starters, sharing five of them between the four of us. It was a little bit funny though because I don’t eat seafood and the other girl is vegetarian. But we managed!

It was good to meet his friends, and I don’t think they hated me so.. Yay!

We might see them again on Saturday if the girl is off work and the weather is nice. There was talk of going to the beach, which sounds lovely. I’ve been cooped up a fair bit this week since the boyfriend is working, and I don’t really know what to do when on my own. I could go out and explore, but on some level I’m terrified of getting lost. I may have to save the exploring for when I live here..


As you probably know, I’m currently on vacation in the UK, visiting the boyfriend. It’s nice to be away for a little bit. While I managed fairly well during my two weeks alone at the office, it was starting to get a bit much for me – I’m not quite back to being entirely healthy and I still tire quickly. So, now I’m enjoying two weeks off work, with nothing to do.

Which, admittedly, gets a little boring at times. I miss my own stuff when I’m away on vacation. Especially since the boyfriend has to be working (he’s in the midst of a huge project at work, and can’t really get any time off), since it means I’m left on my own a lot. My laptop is with me of course, but it has some… issues. And leaves me unable to do a lot of the things I’d like to do.

On the whole though, my trip is nice so far. I arrived Friday evening, and on Saturday we went to a big yearly family get-together that they apparently try to hold every year. It was both scary and fun, meeting his 30 (or so) closest relatives. I’ve not heard anything back yet that they all hated me… So I guess that’s a good sign?

Other things on the agenda is to go out for a meal with his best friend and his girlfriend. They’re very close, and the boyfriend keeps joking that if B doesn’t approve of me, we’re obviously done. So, no pressure!

We’re also going to go to his parents for dinner on Saturday, and have been considering taking them to the cinema one night. But we’ll see what we end up doing I guess. Might meet his mom for lunch one day while the boyfriend is at work, but have to gain the courage to do so. Don’t get me wrong, she’s lovely and very nice. I’m just not good with chitchat and feel very shy about meeting someone one-on-one. At the same time… If I’m going to move here eventually, it’d be nice to have a good connection with his family.

Well, that’s my random ramblings for now…



Yesterday I drove the boyfriend to the airport so that he could go back home to the UK. It always feels very empty just after he’s left. Which is weird since obviously he’s away a lot more than he’s here.. but you seem to get used to it very quickly!

We had a good time while he was here though. Watched some movies, and Sherlock! OMG! How have I ever missed that show? It’s awesome! We went out to dinner once alone to celebrate my “probably-have-a-job” (hopefully will get confirmation in the next couple of weeks on that), then another time with two of my brothers, catching the latest Captain America movie afterwards. There was also a family dinner/celebration for a brother turning 16. Other than that… Yeah, just general hanging out, which is oh so nice when you rarely see each other.

Now we have to wait another three months until the next time. Which feels like an incredibly long time right now, even if it’s not really. Not compared to how long it’s been at times in the past. But the more we see each other, the more we seem to miss each other. So it’s both good and bad that we see each other more I guess!

Anyway, I just wanted to vent. Oh, and if you’ve not watched Sherlock. Do it. Do it now!

Back Home

So, I’ve been back home for a week now… and it’s weird, but it feels like much, much longer. I swear that each time I see the boyfriend, I miss him all the more afterwards. Which kind of sucks. I mean, yeah, I guess it’s good in a way, cause if I didn’t miss him at all – that’d be cause for concern. But it kind of sucks on the whole missing thing. I don’t think I can do the whole long-distance relationship thing for too much longer without going insane.

Anyway, my trip was good. I got to see his parents again, and was even introduced to his grandmother and an uncle. So far no one seems to hate me… so yay me!

Sadly I did have another allergic reaction. Which means I have absolutely no idea what I’m allergic to anymore since we cut out latex this visit. Fortunately I have an appointment with the allergy clinic on Thursday, and I’m hoping they can shed some light on this mystery. Because having a severe allergic reaction every time I go to the UK does kind of ruin the holiday a bit.

Also makes me feel very weird meeting his family when my face is swollen, eyes red and runny and I’m just generally puffy. Oh, and the rashes. Let’s not forget the lovely, red blotches.

How I feel during my allergic reaction.

How I feel during my allergic reaction.

I’m wondering if it could maybe be polyester, but it seems odd since I am fairly certain I have at least a couple of pieces of polyester clothing. But my face always seems worse, and he did have polyester pillows, duvet and bed sheets. His mom was incredibly sweet though, and bought us anti-allergy pillows and cotton sheets to change with, just in case. And it didn’t get any worse after that. I did still need prednisone to get the swelling down, but at least it stopped getting progressively worse. So maybe… I may have to ask them to test specifically for that. (Though seems odd my clothing hasn’t caused a reaction then?)

Other than that, it was a lovely trip. We walked around the town centre one day, and also down to the beach (though it’s naturally not quite the season for it!). One evening we went to see the newest Hobbit movie in 3D (it’s awesome, of course!), and another night we went out to dinner. Then we had a family get together at his grandma’s house one weekend, and the other weekend his parents had him over for dinner. So for having a severe allergic reaction, I still managed quite a bit!

Now I just hope that he can come visit me soon, cause even if it has only been a week… I really do miss him.

The beach in Bournemouth seems to stretch on forever.

The beach in Bournemouth seems to stretch on forever.

The beach.

The beach.

The beach.

The beach.

Bournemouth town centre.

Bournemouth town centre.

Panorama of the beach.

Panorama of the beach.

One day I will have a photo of the two of us where I'm not having an allergic reaction. One day...

One day I will have a photo of the two of us where I’m not having an allergic reaction. One day…

Nom nom.

Nom nom.

Things boyfriends do (apparently)

During our chats the boyfriend likes to link me images from the funnies thread(s) on Reddit. Or whatever threads he hangs out in. Sometimes the images are rather weird. Or disgusting. Or… Well, you get the point.

Today he showed me an image of a giant caterpillar attacking and eating(?) a small snake. At least I think it was a caterpillar.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Oh my god! Why would you even show me something like that? That looks horrible!
Boyfriend: It’s what boyfriends do.
Me: What do you mean it’s what boyfriends do? They try to freak out their girlfriends and be mean to them showing horrible images that will never be forgotten? That’s stupid!
Boyfriend: Well, we have to do stupid things now and then so that you can appreciate when we don’t.
Me: You’re lucky then, since you don’t have to put any effort into it…


I keep telling my… man-friend… that when he’s been out drinking and sends me a text (usually to let me know he won’t be online for our regular chat-before-going-to bed talk), it’s nearly impossible to understand. He’s been refusing to believe me, so I brought proof!

Look at that last message! I swear it’s always like that. It can’t even be auto-correct that does it, he must simply be smashing the keypad with his forehead or something (and then auto-correct makes the most sense of it that it can)!

You... wait... what?

You… wait… what?

I’m back!

Right, so I’m properly back online after having my man-friend come visit me. The week was spent watching TV shows and movies. We also went out to dinner and a movie, as well as a couple of more times out to dinner with my brother(s). Since it was my brother Jocke’s birthday on the 12th we also had parties with family coming to visit from other towns over the weekend.

Which means that he’s now met my family. And they seem to approve. Which is nice and all, except for the fact that he and I have been doing this for like 5 years.. and he still can’t make up his mind about whether or not he wants to have an actual relationship or not. It’s something we need to discuss again, because I’m admittedly getting tired of us living in limbo. If he doesn’t want a relationship, that’s fine – I can live with that. But I’d like to know, because I’d have to start looking at dating others. I’m turning 33 this year, so I can’t really sit around for another 5 years just to see what happens.

I’ve had an allergic reaction while he’s been around as well, which wasn’t the sexiest thing in the world. Me, full of tiny little bumps that itched and my eye even got infected. So pink-eye for the win! I went to the doctor’s today, and they think I’m allergic. Most likely to latex. So yeah, you got it – I’m allergic to condoms. When I told my brother Jocke, he couldn’t stop laughing. He still laughs every time he sees me scratching.

He also laughed at me yesterday when we were at IKEA after dropping my guy off at the airport. Because I was tired and cranky with aching eyes and scratchy skin.. so I wasn’t really paying attention. I walked straight into a big pole-like thing lying in someone’s shopping cart. It hit me square in the cheek, so it’s now all bruised and scratched. Because I’m pro like that.

Now I’m going to go hide out in the bedroom or something so that no one sees me, and I can’t walk into things to injure myself!


I have a… hmm… friend with benefits who live in another country. So we don’t see each other very often, even if we chat pretty much every day. Today he’s finally coming to visit again, and it’s been the longest time between visits yet. Almost a year. So now I’m feeling silly and anxious about seeing him again.

What if I’ve gotten uglier… fatter… smellier? What if I’ve sprouted a tail and I didn’t notice?

Okay, maybe not. But you get the point. When it’s that long between visits, it’s almost like meeting for the first time every single time. So. Me. Butterflies. Now.

About to get ready and drive to the airport to pick him up now. Still haven’t decided on what I’m wearing. *panic*

So lucky…

I don’t think “he” realises how lucky he is… I mean, where else is he going to find a girl who will text him about her fear of boars?