Day 7: Write about your day

I was lucky to have pre-written a couple of days worth of posts, because my internet went down first one evening, and then the next day and stayed down for 24 hours. Now it finally seems to be back up and somewhat stable *knock on wood*.

Today, to be fair, must be the worst day for this – since it’s my day off from work. Which usually means I sleep.

So, what have I done today?

I woke up from a text from my brother saying he couldn’t drop Viggo (my nephew) off at the daycare, because they were understaffed – and he needed to head off to work. So, no sleeping in today! I was a bad babysitter though, and for the first hour or so I was half-snoozing in bed with Viggo next to me, watching Netflix on the bedroom tv.

After that we went up, grabbed some toast and tea for breakfast. Then we hung out for a while. He fell asleep around lunch-time for a nap, and I took the opportunity to get online and check my mail, logon to Facebook for a bit etc.

Some guys came by to look at our central heating, that’s not been working for about a week now. (It’s cold!) They didn’t seem to get it fixed.

Then my colleague called and asked if I could be alone in the office tomorrow, so she could have a day off. I said okay, and she came by with the work phone. (Since we’re available from 6.30 to 21.30 and with my dog it’s easiest for me to start the day at home, and head into the office at 8.00 – so it just ends up easiest for everyone involved for me to take the late afternoon/night shift the day before as well.)

Brother eventually came home, and we made dinner. (Minute steak. Yum!) Then we drove out to the house he’s moving to at the end of the month to check a couple of things. After that I finally had the evening to myself, so I logged on to Facebook and browsed the internet.

Then I played some World of Warcraft, it was a raid night – but we ended up doing old school raid achievements.

After that, the work time had passed – and I grabbed a shower. Then had a chat with my brother about the next couple of days. Now it’s time to talk to the boyfriend – and then time for bed since tomorrow is an early start.

Not a very exciting life!

This post is part of the 30 Day Challenge.

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