Day 6: What are your hobbies?

When looking at my hobbies, I think the introverted part of me may be shining through, since most of them are solitary ones. I don’t even know if people would classify my hobbies as such, but I think they should be!


I love reading. Before I got sick, I’d easily read a couple of books per week. Sadly, these days it’s far less – but it’s still something I enjoy immensely. Delving into stories and getting to know characters… As for genres I read most, but mainly enjoy fantasy, romance and horror.



Tv-series & Movies

Similar to reading, I love following stories and characters on screen. I can get very invested in a good tv-show or movie. While movies are nice, I think in a way I enjoy series more, because you get to follow the characters for that much longer.


I have a large game library on my PC, but I haven’t played a lot of them yet. A lot of times I get snowed in on a specific game at a time, and at the moment it’s the time-consuming World of Warcraft. (And has been for a long time.) Now and then I play other things as well. Other MMOs, or one of the little games the boyfriend gets me on Steam. I’m curious about the new Sims game, but haven’t decided if I want to play it yet.

So, yeah… Maybe I need to find some hobbies that involve other people? MMOs are other people though, right? And nah… I’m quite happy with my current hobbies. It’s enough to meet people without it having to be through a hobby.

Do you have any hobbies?

This post is part of the 30 Day Challenge.


Day 6: What are your hobbies? — 4 Comments

  1. for now sims 4 is just the basegame, but its a cool game, and i think it will be more awesome ones they get new things added, and already you can add stuff from othert sites. i dont think you can quess what game im playing when im not in WoW 😀

    • I bet you play Hello Kitty Adventure!!

      I keep thinking I’ll buy it when it drops in price. Then I remember it’s the Sims and it will never drop in price *lol*

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