Day 5: Who are your best friends?

Some people may define best friends as people you talk to every day. Me, I like to define them as the people that, when you talk to them – it feels like you were never apart. I have some friends that I see very rarely (due to distance), but I still consider great friends.

The boyfriend

We started out as friends, and I believe that we still are. We’ve just added onto that relationship. I talk to him about pretty much anything, and he’s a great support. We’ve been talking nearly every day (only exceptions being when either of us is away) for close to seven years now.


My one local friend. We first got to know each other when we were 10 and went to school together. After I moved to my dad (three hours away), we lost contact for many years. We reconnected maybe five years ago now, funnily enough through World of Warcraft(!), and now talk nearly every day. She has three children, so we don’t always hang out a lot (we manage a movie night now and then though!), but fortunately there are phones and internet.


I got to know A online 14 years ago through a mutual acquaintance that she was dating. (A friend of my ex.) He asked me to talk to her, since we were playing a MUD together, and he wanted her to feel “part of the gang”. As it turns out, we clicked – and I ended up visiting her in Florida a few times. Now, since a few years back she’s living in the Netherlands with the guy she was dating back then. Unfortunately, by the time she moved there, I had already moved back to Sweden! She’s visited me once here, and I’ve visited her once there – but it’s not nearly often enough. We try to catch up on the internet instead, and maybe once I live in England visiting will be easier.


This friend I met while working in the Netherlands, and we were both the right amount of insane. We lost contact for a while after working in different companies (and her husband at the time was quite demanding of her time). Again, World of Warcraft made us reconnect. Throughout one expansion I even played and raided on her server. She’s since stopped playing, but we keep in touch through facebook. Hopefully I can go to the Netherlands at some point to see her.

Who are your best friends?

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