Day 27: Your current relationship

Again, I’m late due to the lack of internet in my new place. Some days/nights I can’t even get a connection on my mobile phone. It’s all very frustrating.

So, current relationship.

The boyfriend and I have a long, and a bit scattered history. We don’t have a specific date that we became a couple, really – but so far we’ve just agreed to count the day we first met in real life. It was the best we could come up with. That was September 8, 2011.

We met in the game World of Warcraft when playing in the same guild. I was new and he whispered me to check how I was doing, and we started chatting. We chatted sporadically a little now and then during my first few months of the guild, but soon started talking more regularly. We would stay online on Ventrilo after raids and continue talking late into the night.

Eventually we switched over to Skype, which is much easier – and much more private!

It wasn’t that long before we were chatting nearly every night. Something we’ve continued doing ever since. (Up until this past weekend when I’m stuck without internet!) I think we chatted for nearly four years before finally taking the step to meet in person.

We sort of dated since, meeting whenever we could (not as often as either of us would have liked), but never deciding if we were a couple or not. The distance between us (him living in the UK and me in Sweden), made us both a bit uncertain about a future together.

As time has passed though, we finally realised last year that the distance didn’t matter – because neither can imagine life without the other. So we finally decided to be a “real” couple. Which is when he was promoted to “the boyfriend”.

Hopefully things will only get better from here. (It would get a lot better if I could just get internet again!) Next year we can hopefully start our joint life as we move in together. Big things happening!

This post is part of the 30 Day Challenge.

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