Day 26: Pets

I love animals, and it’s probably a good thing that I don’t win the lottery – because I’d probably find myself in a big house, but filled with animals from top to bottom.

My mom had a dog already when I was born, so I’ve grown up with pets around. We had several other dogs as I was growing up, as well as a cat and a fish tank. At one point I adopted a hamster from a class mate who became allergic, but it didn’t live for very long.

As an adult I currently have my dog Bailey, and my cat Saga. At one point I had two rats, but wasn’t able to keep them since I could never let them out of their cage. Bailey went insane and wanted to eat them. For about a year I had an extra dog, Molly – but as I started working again I couldn’t keep her (I was taking care of her for someone else). She couldn’t be left alone, and that just wasn’t a possibility.

You know, thinking about it… Winning the lottery and having lots of pets doesn’t sound that bad…

This post is part of the 30 Day Challenge.

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