Day 19: Where have you traveled?

I’ve not traveled nearly to as many places as I would have liked to, that’s for sure. Still, I’ve managed some.

Several family vacations when I was a child. It’s a fairly accessible place for us here in Sweden.


Obviously, we can easily do day trips to Norway. Especially from where I live now, since we’re about half an hour from the border. But I’ve also been to the city Bergen, and further north where my relatives live, including a day trip or two to Trondheim.


The Netherlands
I lived in The Hague, but I’ve also visited Utrecht, Amsterdam and some other areas.

The United Kingdom
My first trip to the UK was when I was 17 and spent two weeks with a then-boyfriend. We visited Nottingham and London mainly. Then I did a few trips to London for work, and one weekend trip with my sister. Since then, I’ve been to Bournemouth where the boyfriend lives three times, and it’s also where I’ll be moving next year.

Mainly driven through it, spent one day/evening in Brussels at one point. Can’t say I remember much!

I don’t remember much of Germany. We spent a week or so there when I was a kid.

We went there during the aforementioned trip as a kid. Can’t remember if we stayed a couple of days or if it was just a day trip kind of thing.

I’ve been to Disneyland outside of Paris a few times, then spend a weekend in Paris with my sister. Then we had that lovely one week long family trip to the south of France, staying near Nice and Cannes.


Been to Spain twice, and I hope to go again. My aunt owns an apartment down there, which makes it a really nice, and easy place to visit. The place we go to is a little bit away from everything, but to give an idea, it’s about an hour south of Alicante.

More photos from Spain here.

More photos from Spain here.

Went there once for a week with an ex. It’s a beautiful place, and I’d love to go again to see some more.


New York
My aunt took me to New York when I was 16. It was my first time flying, and I remember being really nervous. We stayed for four days, and tried to do as much sightseeing as possible.


A friend of mine used to live in Florida, and I visited her three or four times. I loved Florida. Since I hate the cold, it just seemed like the perfect place to me. Nowadays she lives in the Netherlands, so not nearly as nice and warm when I want to visit! Oh, we once went up to Georgia to go to a theme park, and spent one night there. In case it counts!


Where have you traveled?

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Day 19: Where have you traveled? — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve been all over the US, but never outside of it. Not even to Canada or Mexico. But my in-laws live in Malta now, and I think we’re going to visit next year. Won’t be on the island much as I have a burning desire to tour as much of Scotland and Wales as I can and they are willing to oblige me.

    Will have to keep in touch as firm plans are made! It would be awesome to meet irl. 😀

    • That sounds like a lot of fun! By then I should be living in the UK as well, so if you’re in the country – I’m sure we could figure something out! Don’t sell Malta short though, it’s a great place. And small, so you can probably be done with the sightseeing in a few days 😉

      I’ve not been to Scotland or Wales myself, but it’s somewhere I’d like to go. When living in the UK I will have to make sure we go at some point.

  2. I have been to Seattle, San Francisco, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, all over British Columbia, Mississauga and Niagara Falls in Ontario, and Calgary, Alberta.

    Europe is on my to-do list!

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