Day 12: Family

This post is supposed to be about family, but since I’ve already done a big post on my siblings, I am renaming it the parents post.

So! Day 12: Family Parents

My parents are pretty great. They have their flaws like any human being, but on the whole, I’m quite happy with them. When growing up I knew that if I had a question, they were more likely than not, going to have an answer. Heck, as an adult – I still expect them to know the answers to most of my questions. Needless to say, neither of them is someone that you want to go against in a game about general knowledge (think Trivial Pursuit and similar).

They had me when they were both pretty young, mom was 16 and dad was 18. I wasn’t planned, as I’m sure you’ve realised at this point. But they made the best of it, and I didn’t have a bad childhood. Living in a small town definitely has advantages at times, since they had a lot of family that could help. (My maternal grandmother, especially.)


My mom may not be the most affectionate person out there, but we never doubted that she loves us. She’s never been one for hugging or emotional outbursts, but then – neither am I. (In public, that is. As mentioned in other posts, I cry for just about anything!) On the other hand, she’s supportive and knowledgeable – and you know you can always go to her with your troubles, and she’ll have some answers, or at the very least some suggestions.

She’s very driven and a good student (like my sister H). After she had me, she went on to become an assistant nurse, being greeted by a three year old at her graduation. Eventually she went to University in her early 30s. I definitely think my sister is a lot more like her. They both enjoyed school, while I can’t stand it.

I think we have a fairly good relationship, even if we don’t always agree on everything. For example, she doesn’t get the idea of gaming. If she finds out I spent a couple of hours on the PC she will complain about it, but won’t say a word if I spent a couple of hours watching TV. Personally, I don’t see the difference. In fact, I think I was probably much more social during those two hours at the PC, but she can never quite understand that.

That said, I know she’s there for me if I need her. And in the end, that’s what matters, right?

An old photo of mom.

An old photo of mom.


Throughout the years my relationship with my dad has been a bit up and down. We had a rough patch during my late teens, due to reasons I won’t go into here. Things stabilised after I had moved abroad, and he met his current wife. Now we have a decent relationship, even if we don’t talk that often. We see each other maybe two-three times a year, and that seems to be enough.

Like my mom, he’s very knowledgeable, and I can ask him about stuff – and he’ll usually know the answer. Unlike my mom, he gets the whole gaming thing. In fact, he plays some World of Warcraft himself! (So does his wife!)

Like me, he didn’t like school. Ironically, he’s actually a co-coordinator for several schools for adult education now. Then again, that’s very different than having to go to class yourself! He’s musical and plays several instruments, mainly guitar and bass I think. My sister H inherited his musical side. Me… I can’t get a note right, but at least I have enough musical hearing to know I can’t.

An even older photo of dad (the baby is me).

An even older photo of dad (the baby is me).

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