I always wanted to have one of those witty and awesome ‘About’ pages, but I’ve never found enough wit inside me to pull off such a feat. So you’ll have to do with this page, I’m afraid. If you clicked on this link, then you’re probably at least a little bit curious as to who I am. So, here goes…

I’m an aspiring writer.

I’m just a tad crazy.

I’m owned by a dog.

I play computer games, and watch movies and TV-series like a pro.

Oh, and the majority of my furniture is bought at IKEA. Because that’s how I roll.

Many years ago in Sweden, I was born. Strangely not to two wolves, but actual humans. Sweden is mainly full of trees, so don’t ask me to point out where. I don’t think you’d find it anyway… you know, for all the trees. I have seven siblings; four brothers and three sisters, of which I’m the oldest. That makes me the winner. Or something. Just shy of 5’3” I was the shortest out of all of us, until fortunately(?) a few years ago my youngest sibling was born. Hopefully I’ll have a few more years of not being the shortest. (Unless he turns out to be the Hulk… in which case I’m in trouble!)

I’ve lived in The Netherlands for seven years, which was an experience. While there I worked at Amazon.co.uk, then at an oil company and finally in a UN Organisation in the Human Resources department. Then I got sick. So I moved back to Sweden. You know, with all those trees.

I spent some years back in Sweden, but then I fell in love with a Brit – and I have recently moved to England to be with him. It’s a big thing to move to another country, and move in with another person, but I am hopeful that this was the right thing to do.

Here I’m going to write about anything and everything. Including how I’m managing to settle down in another country, handling living with another person, and the never-ending struggle of writing. I’m likely to over-share (as you may have noticed by now), and I’m just unable to stop myself. So sorry for that.

In any case, welcome to my blog!

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