Random Thoughts

I’ve pretty much completely failed the NaNoWriMo, but I’m okay with that. I knew it was going to be a stretch to do it this year, since I’m busy after having just moved countries etc. I might try again next year, we will see! In any case, I did get some writing done, even if it was nowhere near as much as I had hoped.

Things have been fairly busy here, while also not being busy. It’s odd, I know. Despite not working at the moment, the hours seem to disappear very quickly without me getting much done.

I have, however, unpacked all of my boxes. So there’s that. We ordered a few things from IKEA that we were missing, and we’ve built them (since you always have to do that!). There are still a whole bunch of things we want to get, but we will have to take it a few things at a time, since it would be much too expensive otherwise.

For now, we got ourselves a coffee table, two bedside tables and a new office chair for me. Plus a few random bits and bobs that we needed.


All of my books are unpacked, and pretty much filling up the two cabinets/book shelves that I brought with me. I keep pointing out to the boyfriend that I got rid of a lot of books, considering that my remaining one fits in two book cases compared to the five or so I had previously. He doesn’t seem to understand the magnitude of this. The man is obviously not a reader!

I still need to get some nails or hooks to put some pictures up on the walls. They still look a bit empty in places. There’s also a fair amount of organising of the closets that need to happen. There’s a lot of things that need to go in there. There’s a couple of closets/cupboards out in the hallway that I want to organise, but they’re frustratingly an odd size so none of the pre-made shelving systems will fit them. And it’s seriously only like a few centimeters missing too! Very frustrating!

In addition to trying to get the flat ready, I’m also looking for a job – which is turning out to be quite frustrating. More on that another day though, since this is getting quite long already.


My stuff finally arrived yesterday, which meant a lot of unpacking and organizing needs to happen now. Unfortunately, my couch didn’t fit through the door to the living room, so we’re not quite sure what to do with it (for now it’s in the second bedroom, since we could bring it in through the rear door). We may have to keep the couch left by the previous owners (which I’m not very fond of).

What we might do is keep the old couch from the previous owners for a couple of years or so, while saving for a new couch. That maybe can be delivered in parts or something! We’ll have to see.

I’ve been busy trying to get things organised and unpacked, but there is still a lot left to do. We also need to get some bits and bobs for the place still. Some things we can get sooner, while others we will have to get later – to split the expenses a bit more evenly.

As for NaNo, I’m writing every day – but I’m a bit behind. Especially since I wrote just under 2000 words the first day – and just couldn’t feel the story. So as of day two I’m trying another story, but that means that 2000 words are gone from my word count (since I’m guessing I can’t use them since they’re from another story, even if written during NaNo). Even the new story feels odd and stilted though at this point, but maybe it’s because I’m so rusty. I will just have to keep typing and hope that I eventually feel inspired. At least this second one is coming along a bit more than the first, which I just didn’t really know what to do with.

Stuff has arrived!

Stuff has arrived!

I’ve arrived!

I reached the UK on Sunday evening after three days traveling. Very impressed by how well behaved Bailey was in the car the whole time as well. 

We still don’t have Internet, and it’s been confirmed that we won’t get it until Nov 17, which kinda sucks. So much for my Blizzcon Virtual Ticket! I was expecting it sooner than that, but there’s nothing to do about it now. 

Since I still only have a Swedish mobile phone, I don’t even have 3G to keep me entertained. (Unless I want to pay like 6 bucks a day, which I do not..) At least I can piggy-back off of the boyfriend’s work phone once a day to check my mail. (And post blog posts… Btw, typing up a blog post on your phone sucks! I don’t know how people do it!)

The flat is really nice, but it will take some getting used to. I miss things being the way I’m used to (will save that for another post though). I think everything will be better once my stuff arrives too. It will make it feel a bit more like home. It won’t arrive until Tuesday next week though (Nov 3), which is later than I’d hoped for – but glad to know it’s coming! 

Well, I’ve arrived in my new home and am ready to start a new chapter in my life! Will write more another day… (Seriously, how can people stand writing this much on their phones?? I must be getting old…)

Nearly there…

I’m in Germany at the moment at a hotel for the night. Tomorrow we will meet up with the boyfriend and his mom at the Eurotunnel. 

Yesterday we ended up spending over six hours traveling due to traffic jams. Today was 10 hours because we had to wait a long time for a ferry between Denmark and Germany. 

I did get to go on the huge bridge between Denmark and Sweden though, which was neat. Never been on it before. 


The hotel has wifi, but after I leave tomorrow morning I won’t have Internet access again until we get it at the new place. 

So I guess I will update here again once I can. Until then!

Radio Silence Incoming

We suspected it might be the case, but it has now been confirmed that we won’t have internet in the new flat for 1-2 weeks. Which is frustrating, but not surprising. Since I’m in a foreign country as well, I also won’t have access to mobile internet – since I only have a Swedish subscription still (and using that abroad would cost a fortune!).

This means that I won’t be able to update the blog for the next 1-2 weeks until we get the internet installed. With a bit of luck, it might be sooner… But let’s not talk about me and luck…

Anyway, just wanted to let anyone who’s checking here know – so that you don’t wonder what happened when it’s completely silent!

Why does it feel like I just got internet back, only to lose it again?

No internet... Again!

No internet… Again!

Travel Plans

So, I’m beginning my journey to get to the UK on Friday afternoon. My mom and her partner are going to drive me most of the way, and we wanted to get going – so we will leave after they finish work. On Friday afternoon/evening we will drive down to Malmö in the south of Sweden, where my sister lives. This is about 4,5 hours, so not too bad.

My sister and her boyfriend will kindly put up with us for the night, and then we can get going early on Saturday morning to do the biggest chunk of the journey. We will make our way down to Duisburg, Germany. This trip is about 8,5 hours, but will probably be a bit longer with breaks (we do have a dog in the car that will need some out-of-the-car time), and if we have to wait for any of the ferries taking us to Denmark/Germany.

In Duisburg we will spend the night at a hotel, then start again on Sunday morning to drive the final stretch to Calais, France. I think this final part is just over 3,5 hours.

We will meet up with the boyfriend in Calais, close to the Eurotunnel. Nothing’s been decided yet, but we might grab some lunch and have a bit of a chat before they basically hand me over to him and start their journey back home. The boyfriend and I (and his mom who is also coming along for the drive), will take the Eurotunnel over to the UK, then drive back home to Bournemouth.

Sunday evening… I should be in my new home! Like… wow!


Also, I realise that this post is probably incredibly boring for anyone who is… well, not me. But it’s a nice way for me to keep track of what I’m doing! Since I’m memory-impaired and probably won’t remember how I made it across if I don’t have it written down somewhere…

Just a few more days…

It’s crazy to think that it’s only a few more days left before I leave for the UK, and the next chapter of my life. Definitely a big step, but I am looking forward to it. Sure, it’s a bit scary – but life would be very boring if we never pushed ourselves to try something new.

This week is a bit calmer than last week, but still a bit busy in the sense of trying to squeeze in as much visits and things as possible before leaving.

Tuesday I have to get the final part of my U2 (the paper needed to request to have my jobseeker’s allowance in the UK for 3 months) signed off by the jobseeker’s agency. I had hoped to get it done last week, but as it turns out – no one was in the local office. So tomorrow I’m driving over to another town (where they apparently are on Tuesdays and Thursdays), to finally get my signatures.

I might take one final trip to the tip (or dump, depending on where you’re from?) with some things that’s neither coming nor being given to my brother.

Wednesday is a calm day, fortunately. Though I’ll probably go see my friend for a last visit before the move. Knowing us, we’ll end up watching a horror movie and gossiping for most of the visit.

Thursday is one of the busiest days. I have to take Bailey to the vet to get him a tapeworm treatment. It’s something that’s required to bring him into the UK without quarantine. He’s already had his rabies vaccination, which – together with being microchipped – were the other requirement. The tapeworm treatment has to be done within 5 days of arriving, so it’s quite important to get sorted.

After that, I have to go help my grandma out for a bit. An appointment at the local clinic for my B12 injection. Then in the late afternoon/early evening – the whole family is getting together for a dinner. It’ll be a nice way to see them all before I leave on Friday.

Exciting times!

Wild Animals

There’s a lot of beavers in and around my hometown at the moment, but I have yet to see a single one. I see signs of them being around, like fallen trees where you can see their bite marks etc. Well, and of course there were the few days when one of the little lakes/tarns (whatever to call it) was completely dried out – because the beavers had built a dam further up!

Most of my family members have managed to see one. Even my sister who lives 4 hours away, and her boyfriend, saw one when they were here this summer! Like five minutes after I left them too. Totally unfair! My brother has seen one when driving home – you know, on the road that I drive on too several times a week?

Have I seen any wild beavers though? Nope! Not a single one!

I had really wanted to see one before I left for England too, because it’s one of the few wild animals in Sweden I’ve not seen (outside a zoo). Well, not counting bear, wolf or boar. Because, quite honestly, I’m happiest not meeting any of them. A beaver though… I wouldn’t risk getting mauled by a beaver. At least I don’t think so…

Or maybe there are murderous beavers who attack humans on sight? They don’t just chew wood, but your limbs too! They’re all secretly plotting to kill us and take over the world!

Look! There’s even a book about murderous beavers! It even has a bad pun. Dangerous beavers is obviously a thing.


But what do I know about beavers? I’ve never seen one…