My colleague is on vacation this week so I’m on my own at work again. We have a mobile phone for all our work calls, so I can take it with me when I go somewhere, and even work some hours from home. (Which is necessary since this week I have the phone by myself the entire week.. From 6.30am to 9.30pm.)

Anyway, having two mobiles can be confusing at times. I had put the work phone in my pocket and was looking something up on my personal phone. Work phone rings, so I put down my own. As I’m talking to someone about work, I start wandering around. When the call ends, I realise that I’ve walked away and left my personal phone wherever I was when I took the call.

It should be noted that at this point I was in a supermarket, getting lunch.

Imagine my panic when I realise my phone (which is also my wallet) is on the opposite side of the supermarket. Fortunately, it was still where I left it, on top of a bunch of juice boxes. But I really need to be more careful.

August on the blog..

Okay, so I think I mentioned at some point that I won a contest where I will be test driving a Toyota Hybrid for one month. August is going to be that month, and as I understand it, I will be expected to blog about it. Since it’s a Swedish competition, I will have to do so in Swedish.

So, for my non-Swedish readers, I wanted to pre-warn you that during August there will be weird posts popping up in what will appear to be gibberish. Don’t worry, I didn’t have a stroke, I’m just writing in Swedish!

I will still write my “normal” posts in English, but I apologise beforehand for the Swedish ones that will be popping up on your feeds. Since I want to win the competition, I will have to be blogging a fair bit about the car. I’m still waiting to find out though, how much can be done directly on their competition page, and how much is expected to be on my personal blog.

In any case, Swedish posts will appear. Don’t despair (cause I know you’d totally miss my writing… *cough*), there will be English ones still appearing as well!

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Trailer

They’ve released the trailer for the final The Hobbit movie now. I know some critics don’t like the new movies, but I love them. Yes, they’re not really like the original book. But they’re still good movies, and we get to see more of Middle Earth. I just can’t see anything bad with that.

I love the trailer especially since they included the song “The Edge of Night” from the LOTR movies. The scene where Pippin sings it to Denethor is one of the most memorable ones from all of the movies to me. So sad.

So, now I’m feeling very excited to see the final movie for The Hobbit. Just… Well… A few more months.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, here’s a link!


My mom, her partner and my brother I has gone on vacation for a week. They’re going on a cruise to St. Petersburg in Russia. Left behind is my mom’s dog, Bella. I went by their place on Saturday evening to pick her up, since I’ll be looking after her during their time away. As I was approaching the dog, I realised there was a horrible smell coming from her.

“You do realise she stinks, right?” I asked my mom. Cause we’re not talking a little bit of a smell, whatever she’s done – it reeks.

“What? No..” My mom says, looking like she has no idea what I’m talking about. (I can’t help but wonder if they’re all oblivious to smells.)

We pack her food bowl and stuff together, and get ready to leave. My mom bends down to pet her and say goodbye, only to sort of pull back with a look of horror. “Oh yeah.. I smell it now.”

So, I am now stuck with a very smelly dog, since my mom didn’t realise it in time to clean her up. I need to clean her up, cause this smell is not something you can live with for a week. With Bailey, it’s never really an issue. I could easily shampoo him up, throw a stick in the lake and wait for him to rinse it off himself as he lunges after it.

With Bella… That’s not going to happen. She’ll dip her feet in the water, but that’s about it. I’m at the point where I’m beginning to contemplate shampooing her, luring her out onto a bridge and then toss her in the water. Obviously, though, that’d be a bit cruel.. So I won’t do that.

The other option is washing her in my shower. Which means I’ll get a good washing too. And my couch/bed/[insert random object she could possibly get onto] will get soaked. Because once she’s wet. We all know she’ll punish me by rolling around wet in everything she can.

Sadly my garden isn’t enclosed, or I’d shower her and then lock her outside in the sun until she dries. Then again, she’d probably roll around in the grass when wet and bring half my lawn back inside with her…

So I’m not entirely sure what to do. The Bella Conundrum I call this… It could be a case for Sherlock Holmes! (Since Sherlock is on a break, I am now watching Elementary.)

The smelly culprit..

The smelly culprit..

Monday Movie

Another Monday, another movie!

I’ve recently discovered the Pentatonix, an a Capella group with a lot of YouTube videos. They apparently won the third season of the Sing Off in the US. In any case, I think they’re amazing. I love how a Capella can sound like there are instruments and everything.

Chapter One

Because I’m so slow in getting everything ready for releasing my book(s) on Kindle or something similar, I decided to put the first chapter of the first book up on my (future) writer’s site. So, if anyone’s bored – feel free to check out the first chapter of As He Likes it.

In the meanwhile I’ll be busy turning into a pulp from sweating so much, since Sweden is insanely hot this summer. 30+ degrees is not something we’re too used to, and AC isn’t exactly common in our houses. So I’m sitting here with all windows open and a fan directed straight at me.



What is a proper, young lady to do when she finds a strange man sleeping in her bed?

ANGELIQUE GRAFTON never imagined finding a stranger in her bed, let alone a Marquess. She knows that her family expects her to marry another, but every nerve in her body tells her that it’s a bad match. Always having been told that she’s not lovable, she feels that she should be grateful for the unofficial arrangement made by her late parents. But could she jeopardize her own happiness to fulfill her parents’ wish? Especially when she’s met a man who makes her very skin tingle in awareness.

NATHANIEL HOWERTY, the Marquess of Pensington, is not looking for love. In fact, he’d be quite happy never to find it. Having seen how his father was destroyed by losing the woman he loved, Nathaniel fears that the same would happen to him. But when he meets Angel Grafton he finds that he wants her more than anything else. Does he dare to leave himself vulnerable to a woman that might not only steal his kisses, but his heart as well?

Read Chapter One!
(Click here if you prefer to read it in PDF format.)

The Thing About Dicks

I was talking to a friend earlier, and we were discussing this interesting problem that we sometimes face as women. The innate need of some men to show off their dicks.

You can be having a nice conversation with someone on the phone through texting, then suddenly… you get a dick-picture. No warning. You’re not even necessarily flirting. And there it is. Staring you in the face.

What is it with these men? How does it work out in their mind?

“We’re having a nice conversation. She’s being totally cool and chatting with me… I think it’s time for the dick!”

Why would you ever think that’s the logical next step?!

No offense guys, but dicks aren’t that pretty. They’re not exactly aesthetically pleasing. It’s not like a woman will take a look at your dick and be instantly horny. Most of us just aren’t wired like that. Try chatting some more. If you think that it’s time to show a woman your dick. Think again. Unless she’s asking you to, keep it in your pants!

New Discovery

I’ve discovered a new author that I like! Something I really wasn’t expecting. It all started with me getting an iPad and the Kindle app for it. When I was about to travel I just logged onto Amazon and grabbed a handful of free Kindle books to have something to read. As it turns out, one of them was really good!

It was a little bit raunchier than I’m used to, but still falls into the historical romance category (regency). She has paperback copies as well, and I love paperbacks – but I’m quite fond of this new, easy way of reading as well. The first book in her Mayhem in Mayfair series is available free for Kindle. I’ve since started buying the other books, which aren’t horrible expensive as well.

So, if you’re looking for something new to read. Check out Grace Callaway’s “Her Husband’s Harlot”!

Her Husband's Harlot