And it’s suddenly been over a week since I last posted. I’m a VBB (very bad blogger)!

Truth is, I’ve just been absolutely exhausted. Last weekend I ended up babysitting both the niece and nephew for 10 hours both Saturday and Sunday. Let me tell you, I have a new respect for parents who deal with their kids 24/7, because I was completely wrecked after those two days. Did you know that 1,5 year olds somehow manage to be everywhere and in everything all at the same time?

We ended up going to the playground on Saturday, because I desperately needed to get out of the house with them for a bit. It turned out to be not quite as successful as I had hoped though since I brought Bailey, and he would bark every time we got more than a few feet away from him. And naturally, Moa thought it was great fun to run as far away as possible.


On Sunday we stayed home, but had some help in the form of one of my 17 year old brother. I basically bribed him with dinner if he came out to lend a hand. Kicked a football around for a bit in the garden, played on the swings and “baked” chocolate balls. I say “baked” since there’s no actual baking involved, just stirring things together and rolling them into balls.

Since then, I’ve basically been trying to recover. While trying to give a hand with the nephew who has been here all week (niece goes home on Monday mornings since my brother only has her over the weekend still).


And now I have a cold. I hate being sick.

I’m really tired though, and I need to not be because I have a whole list of things to do. Any suggestions on something that can get me some energy, and is basically not speed?

Back Home

Yesterday was spent traveling for the most part. I wasn’t home until around two in the morning, by which time I was rather exhausted. It was a good trip though, and I’m glad that we agreed to do it. We weren’t sure if we were since we don’t know when the move will be – but since it’s still going to be a few months, I’m glad we did. It’d been way too long since we last saw each other!

It’s nice to be back home as well, though admittedly I’ve not done much today. Been pretty tired. Bailey was happy to see me when I came home last night though, and it was admittedly nice to sleep in my own bed. I’m going to have to get used to sleeping in the boyfriend’s bed though, because that’s going to be our bed. So weird.

I just hope we get this flat now. So anxious, and there’s nothing to do but wait at this point!

Waiting for everything to be finalised.

Waiting for everything to be finalised.

Frustrating things

So, the boyfriend and I play a game together with other people (World of Warcraft). In fact that’s how we originally met. Now, the issue here is that we haven’t actually told anyone of the people that we play with that we’re a couple, because it just never really seemed relevant, and the boyfriend is a very private person. I’ve told one of the other girls in the guild, since we like to have little gossip sessions now and then, but other than her, I don’t think anyone knows (except possibly her boyfriend who also plays with us).

Now, I couldn’t care less if people know that we’re dating or not. I don’t feel any particular need to shout it from the rooftops or anything.


When I’m visiting the boyfriend, like now, and we’re playing (raiding) with those other people and use voice communication, it drives me absolutely crazy that I can’t talk to him. Because they might hear me. It makes me feel very restricted in what I can say and when, and it’s incredibly frustrating.

Because then it’s suddenly no longer a “not bothered telling them” and instead turns into this big “hush hush hidey”-thing. Not saying something is not the same as sometimes outright lying about what’s going on. I get being private, but when you start to venture into the territory of lying to keep something secret, it’s starting to become an issue.

Most of all though, it just drives me nuts that I have to be careful about when I talk, in case they might hear me. I’m a chatty person, and having to remember to stay silent is incredibly difficult and frustrating.

It might just be me though. Everyone has different views on these things, I’m sure. Maybe I just need to learn to talk less!

A Year Older (yet again)

Yesterday was my birthday and I turned a year older yet again. Funny how that works… Every year! I should do what my dad did and just have stopped at 25.

It was a great day though. The boyfriend took me out to dinner in a nice Italian restaurant, and the food was delicious. Because he’s in the process of buying a home, we’re trying to save money, so we’re pretty much skipping gifts. He did get me an adorable little key holder, for when we (hopefully) get our place and I can use it for the key to our shared home. Very cute!

And it's an owl!

And it’s an owl!

We also went to view the flat, and it’s really nice. I really hope that we get it! The sellers are going to leave the white goods in the kitchen as well, which is great news since it saves us a lot of money compared to having to buy everything straight off the bat.

I really hope everything will work out and that we will get the place!

I baked a chocolate cake yesterday as well. It was odd having to find some ingredients in another country, but I managed to eventually. I need to get used to finding things here anyway, I guess!



Oh, and my sister got me a gift certificate at Amazon, so now I’m going to splurge on e-books! The boyfriend’s mother got me a cute bracelet and a gorgeous owl to keep out in what hopefully will be our new garden. That’s not a real owl, by the way, but a solar powered light for the garden. Since I realized it might have sounded like it was real!

Throwback Thursday

Today I’m sharing an old photo I took when I lived in the Netherlands. It’s of a windmill – of course (they’re famous for their windmills, right?). Back then I was taking a fair amount of black & white photos, and I was taking some for a friend’s wedding. (Don’t worry, she had a real photographer too!) We were at this windmill for some photos, and I decided to take one of the windmill itself as well, and to this day I think it’s one of the best photos I’ve taken.


In England

I didn’t get to write yesterday, so missing a day already for my full month of blogging. Internet went back down at home though, and then I spent most of the day traveling. Normally I’ve driven to the airport and parked there, but since I’ve given my car to my brother I had to take public transport. So I had to leave a couple of hours earlier than normal.

The boyfriend picked me up at the airport and showed off his improved beard. As in he’d cut it! It’s still there, but a lot smaller, and in my opinion much better looking. It was just getting soooo long!

I’d show a photo, but I’m horrible at remembering to take them. And in all fairness I’m probably the only one who cares about the size of his beard. Well, except him. He thinks he has a baby-beard now!

Tomorrow I get to go see the flat that we’re hopefully buying. Exciting times!

Long Day

Today I’ve been babysitting my nephew for most of the day, since my brother was working from 14.30 to 21.30. We had a nice day though, but didn’t do anything special. Just hung out around the house, walked the dog and watched a movie. Took a bath, read a book. You get the idea.

Internet is back finally. Woohoo! Not that I’ll notice since I’m leaving tomorrow.

Oh, and we got confirmation that we can come and view the flat again on Thursday afternoon. So – yay! I’ll get to see it! And on my birthday too!

I really should be packing. I’m an awful last-minute kind of person. It’s possibly why I forget half the things I want to bring too. Possibly.

So, yes – tomorrow I’ll get to see the boyfriend again!


Internet Issues

As I believe I’ve mentioned, we finally got a fiber connection a couple of months back. Unfortunately, something isn’t quite right and at times we lose the connection for days at a time. It’s easily down three days in one go, and it’s incredibly frustrating. We’re having one of those periods right now, and it’s doing me in.

Me without internet.

Me without internet.

I know I should take the opportunity to get some other things done, but I find that with internet gone I just end up sitting here on my crappy mobile connection, trying to will it to work. Or make the pages load faster. Want to post something online? Expect it to take you at least half an hour. Want to load Facebook? Forget it! Here, have three posts. What? You wanted to see your entire news feed? HAHAHAHA.

Sorry, having no proper internet apparently makes me somewhat deranged.

Anyway, nearly Tuesday, which means flying to the UK and seeing the boyfriend. So I just need to stay sane until then!