Det är över nu..

Idag lämnade jag tillbaka Toyotan, och det kändes faktiskt väldigt tråkigt. Det var en bil som jag verkligen trivdes med att köra, och det kändes som att jag körde lugnare och bättre jämfört med mitt annars något aggressiva körsätt.

Under månaden har jag hunnit med en Göteborgstur, två turer till Uddevalla, två till Strömstad och en till Grebbestad. Inte illa! Och sedan förstås allt småkörande till och från jobb och handling.

Den har funkat bra för mig i allt jag behövt, och att den drar så lite bensin och känns mer miljövänlig har gjort att man inte får så dåligt samvete när man glömde mjölken och måste åka fram till affären en gång till.

Det jag ångrar mest är nog att jag inte kunnat filma så mycket som jag hade hoppats på, men varken jag själv eller min familj är några linslöss, så det har liksom inte riktigt blivit av. Förhoppningsvis har korten i alla fall gjort sitt!

Det är en liten bil, men vi har lyckats åka fem vuxna personer i den, eller två vuxna och två bilbarnstolar. (Med två vagnar i bagagen!)

Mest kommer jag nog sakna hur tyst den var, och hur lättkörd. (Och back-kameran – min favorit!)



So… I finished watching Elementary, and while I have a whole slew of other tv-shows to watch… None of them felt enticing at the moment. Then I discovered that Jonny Lee Miller (who plays Sherlock in Elementary) was in the BBC adaption of “Emma” (you know, the Jane Austen novel).

I loved the novel Emma when I read it. And as a teenager I was enamored with the movie Emma, with Gwyneth Paltrow. This BBC adaption is from 2009, so the most recent version of the story – and I decided to watch it.

It’s a mini-series in four parts – which means it can fit a lot more detail than either of the previous movies. There are a few changes made compared to the book (I can live with that, it’s quite common after all), but nothing too jarring. In fact, some things are made a little bit more easy to follow because of them. (There’s a lot of who’s related to who that can be difficult to follow at times in the book/older movies.)

Some people didn’t like the actress who played Emma in this adaption, and I was unsure at first. But as she matured as a person I was liking her more and more. She actually plays the part quite well.

And Mr Knightley. Oh, I *loved* Jonny Lee Miller as Mr Knightley.

The rest of the cast were really good as well. Michael Gambon as Emma’s father was perfect. I won’t go on and on (I could!), but I will say that if you enjoy period drama and then especially Jane Austen; you really should give this a watch!

Does anyone else love the Jane Austen movies/tv-series?


More Sherlock

Some time ago I was raving about the tv-series Sherlock, after having just discovered it (later than the rest of the world, as usual). Since then I’ve watched all three seasons (easy to do since there’s only three episodes in each!), and I quickly found myself having Sherlock Holmes withdrawals.

So, I started watching Elementary. The US version of Sherlock Holmes. Now, I don’t think that you can compare the two shows; they’re quite different. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a second Sherlock Holmes, since Benedict Cumberbatch is just… awesome.


But truth be told.. Jonny Lee Miller makes a version of Sherlock that’s unique to him. And I love this version too!

Elementary is more of a typical tv-series in that it’s got the 40ish minutes long episodes and about 20 of them. While Sherlock of course have the three, hour and a half long ones instead that feel like little movies. Both work.

I did find it interesting that they turned Dr Watson into a woman. And without the typical tv-series “will they – won’t they”. On some level I’d have liked a romance between Watson and Sherlock, since they have such a bromance in all other adaptions. But at the same time I quite enjoy the fact that they don’t.

I wasn’t sure what to make of Mycroft at first, since he was so very different to the Sherlock version. But he grew on me as well.

Elementary is a show in its own right. And as long as you can disconnect it from the show Sherlock – you should be able to enjoy it.

Have you watched Elementary and if so, what did you think? If not… go watch it!

Time Flies…

Sometimes time flies by so fast that I don’t realise that is has. Or something. Suddenly there’s been ages since I wrote something on my blog, and I just sort of go “Oops!”

I’ve been having a horrible tooth ache for the past few days, and have been stuffing myself full of pain killers because of it. Finally caved in and went to the dentist yesterday, and they’ve given me some stuff to use – and if that doesn’t work I have to come back later in the week.

This weekend I went to Gothenburg with my mom, aunt, brother and his two kids. On Saturday we went to the theme park Liseberg, and Viggo absolutely loved it. At three he was able to go on a lot more rides than we initially thought – so it turned out to be well worth it. The first couple of rides, he was a bit afraid and changed his mind as we got to the end of the line – but we took him on them anyway, and he ended up loving every single one.

Sadly the park was quite busy, and we didn’t get to go on as many rides as we’d hoped since the queues were fairly long. Still, Viggo had a great time – and that’s what it was all about.

We then spent the night at a hotel, and on Sunday we went to a kid’s museum called Universeum. Unfortunately Viggo was quite tired from the previous day, and was frightened from the start of the walk that you do. Basically they’ve built up a version of the Swedish nature inside, and it started with a dark, damp mountain pass with dripping water. Not the best idea for a tired three year old.

We ended up having to cancel the walk through, and went straight to their “labs” and play areas. Which he did love and didn’t want to leave.

On the whole, I think it was a good weekend for him. Hopefully next year we can return to the theme park and go on a few more rides!

Viggo's first train ride - on his way to Gothenburg.

Viggo’s first train ride – on his way to Gothenburg.

On one of the kid-rides.

On one of the kid-rides.

Someone's learning to drive early!

Someone’s learning to drive early!

On a flying... thing(?) with grandma.

On a flying… thing(?) with grandma.

On the mini-rollercoaster.

On the mini-rollercoaster.

OMG dinosaurs on the loose!

OMG dinosaurs on the loose!

Viggo being a goalie in one of the playrooms.

Viggo being a goalie in one of the playrooms.

Dinosaur exhibit at the museum.

Dinosaur exhibit at the museum.

Time for a snack!

Time for a snack!

Moa got to go on a ride too!

Moa got to go on a ride too!




I helgen tog vi brorsbarnen och åkte ner till Göteborg. Som jag tidigare visat lyckades vi klämma in inte en, men två(!), barnvagnar i bagagen. Två bilbarnstolar i baksätet gick även det bra.

Att köra på motorvägen ner var inga problem, och förbrukningen låg på 0,5 liter milen när jag var framme. Inte illa för motorväg! (Och det skulle inte förvåna mig om någon som är bättre på att köra hybrid kan pressa det ännu mer.)

Inne i stan kan man verkligen uppskatta att man kör hybrid. Vid rödljus stänger bilen automatiskt av motorn, vilket gör den betydligt miljövänligare än en vanlig bil. Man kör även lugnt och fint. Jag blev inte det minsta stressad av storstadstrafiken.

Sedan hjälpte det förstås att ha inbyggt navigationssystem. Hittade till hotellet på första försöket! När jag däremot försökte köra utan navigatorn nästa dag, så kom jag fel på en gång. Så jag bör nog hålla mig till navigatorn!

Bäst av allt? Back-kameran! Så otroligt underbart när man står på en trång parkeringsplats och behöver ta sig ut. Det är verkligen något som är på min önskelista inför min nästa bil!


Today is my birthday, but I haven’t gotten around to celebrate a lot. I had to give my grandma a ride to the hospital for an appointment, and it’s a one hour drive each way. So it felt like most of the day was wasted in a way.

I did however go out to dinner with the family, which was nice. Not cooking is always a bonus in my world!

My mom gave me a birthday card. She’d not gotten me one, so she gave me the one she’d forgotten to give the nephew last week for his third birthday. Just with some… amendments…

I guess it works...

I guess it works…

The Key

This story bears repeating in English too, since it’s such a /facepalm moment.

As everyone knows, I’m test driving a Toyota Auris Hybrid this month. They don’t use keys in the traditional way, but you can keep it in your purse or pocket – and it’s enough to just touch the door handle to unlock the car. Want to lock it? Just touch the side of the handle, and voila! It’s locked.

Similarly, you don’t use the key to start the car. There’s simply a start button that you press. So, the key is left in my pocket or purse pretty much at all times. (To my brother’s dismay, since I enjoy unlocking the car by touching the handle so much that I refuse to use the key from far away – there are the usual unlock-buttons on it as well – and will make him wait until I reach the car.)

This weekend my dad & co was visiting, and I was letting his wife test drive. I just had the key in my pocket as usual, but sitting on the passenger side, which is no problem. But as we were returning home, Bailey came bounding up the driveway and we had to stop to make sure we didn’t hit him. (He doesn’t quite seem to have understood the risk to his life from running in front of cars.)

I got out of the car and ushered him back into the house. Turned around to wave at my dad’s wife that it was safe and she could come off the road and onto our driveway. But she didn’t move. I waved again, but she still wouldn’t continue driving. Frustrated I called out that it was safe, and she just waved at me.

It took me a few seconds longer to realise that the car had stopped. With me having left it, bringing the key with me, the car had turned itself off. A good feature, naturally. But frustrating for the driver if someone runs off with the key! Oops!


Det här med nyckeln…


Aurisen använder inte nyckeln till bilen på det sätt som en annan är van med. Jag kan ha den i fickan eller handväskan, och behöver aldrig ta fram den.

Bilen låser upp sig när jag tar i handtaget, så länge nyckeln är med mig. Och för att låsa tar jag bara på sidan av handtaget, och vips så är det låst!

Väl inne i bilen startar man helt enkelt genom att trycka på en knapp. Så nyckeln används inte alls, utan det räcker att den hänger med.

Det gör min bror lite irriterad ibland när han hinner fram till bilen innan mig. Eftersom jag tycker det är så kul att låsa upp genom att bara ta i handtaget. Man kan låsa upp genom en knapp på nyckeln, men varför skulle jag göra det? Han kan väl vänta!

Jag har vant mig vid att ha nyckeln i fickan nästan lite för bra. Häromdagen fick min pappas fru testköra bilen, så jag satt på passagerarsätet, men hade nyckeln i min ficka fortfarande.

Efter bilturen när vi var på vägen utanför huset kom min hund springandes, och vi fick stanna. Jag skyndade mig ur bilen för att mota in hunden i huset. Sedan vänder jag mig om och vinkar till pappas fru att hon kan köra in på gården.

Men hon kommer inte. Så jag vinkar igen. Ropar att hunden är inne i huset så hon kan köra. Hon viftar tillbaka, men kör inte.

Det tar mig någon sekund till att inse att bilen ju självklart har stängt av sig eftersom jag sprang iväg med nyckeln i fickan! Hoppsan!