An annoying thing when flying…

Something that really annoys me when flying is when you’ve arrived and you’re waiting for your luggage at the luggage belt. Why does everyone have to crowd right by it? When everyone is standing as close as they can, they cover the entire belt and you can’t see the bags. Nor does everyone fit there.

If everyone would just take a few steps back, then everyone would have clear view of the belt and could move forward to grab theirs.

If only…

I’ve been gone

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written (again). It’s partly because I’ve been in England for a week visiting the boyfriend, but also because the week before that I had the cold from hell and was pretty much out of commission. The week before the cold I was just feeling generally miserable, and I also took a tumble down the stairs because they were covered in ice. Ouch!

Anyway, I am now back home – and my cold is nearly entirely gone. I felt very guilty the week in England because I was still coughing a lot, and my voice was definitely not normal. It’s bad enough keeping yourself awake with coughing during the nights, it’s even worse keeping other people awake!

Due to not feeling well, we didn’t do much last week. It was still nice to see each other again though, and I could relax and do some reading during the days when everyone was at work.

It’s now only four weeks left of my work contract. So odd to think I won’t have a job to go to soon.

Couldn’t wait…

The boyfriend and I contemplated waiting with the next visit until the end of May for his birthday, but as it turns out we couldn’t wait. So I’m going over for a week in March. Hooray!


If the boyfriend can get some time off work we may check out some flats for renting, to get an idea of what’s out there – and what I like/don’t like. Since most likely he will have to be the one finding us a place – what with me living in another country and all.

Only two weeks to go until I get to see him again. Makes me happy!

Two Months

That’s all that’s left on my employment contract. Two months.

I have very mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it feels nice with a bit of a break, since I’ve been feeling increasingly worn down and exhausted. On the other hand, it means I won’t have a salary. I should be able to get unemployment benefits, but obviously that’s a lot less.

It also means that we’re getting closer to the time when I will be moving over to the UK, to move in with the boyfriend. Which is something I’m really looking forward to. Having more free time should mean that I could get some more preparations done.

We still have to decide on how to get my stuff across, for example. Do we hire a removal company, or do we rent a truck and drive ourselves? How do I get my dog across (either taking him along if we drive ourselves, or on a flight if we do a company). Having to find someone to adopt my cat, since she can’t really come along. I don’t think she’d handle the transition from a quiet, country life to bustling city very well.

Then of course we have to schedule a visit for me to go to the UK so that we can look for an apartment.

So yeah, having that time off is probably going to be useful. There’s a lot to do when moving to another country. (Part of me envies the people who just leave everything, but I love my stuff too much!)


Ever so often (a bit more often than I’d like), I have someone call me up, trying to sell me something. Why is it that they a) never actually listen to you and b) will never take no for an answer?

Some of them have become easy to say no to now, though. “Sorry, I’m moving abroad this summer.”

It doesn’t help when they’re not listening though.

Telemarketer: Hi! As a valued customer to … Book Club, we’d like to offer you a choice from five books for free!

Me: Oh… Well, do I have to buy any more books after that?

Telemarketer: Yes, but… <insert random segments about why it’s so great>.

Me: Okay, well sorry then. I’m moving abroad this summer and I’m trying to have as little as possible with me. I just got rid of a whole bunch of books.

Telemarketer: But our service is great <insert random segments about why it’s so great>.

Me: Yeah, but I’m still moving this summer and I don’t want more books to take along.

Telemarketer: (finally seems to understand what I’m saying) Oh, okay. Bye!

(It should be noted, that this “valued customer” hasn’t actually been one since I moved to The Netherlands, which was in May 2000.)

I love books, and it’s difficult for me to not buy any. At least there’s Kindle. So I can buy books without it adding to the pile of stuff I’m bringing with me to England. Finding the Kindle app for my iPad was the best thing for me!

Good start to the week…

Yesterday was not a good day for me. The oddest thing happened when I was at the gas station to fuel my car. I started putting the fuel in as usual, and then after maybe 20 seconds or so – it all came back up again!

I’m not entirely sure what happened. Some weird fuel backdraft? It acted like when you try to pour more water into an already full water bottle (only my fuel tank was far from full), and it came back up rather violently.

This meant that I was basically showered in gasoline. My pretty, black winter coat reeks and is possibly ruined. The gloves I was wearing went straight into the bin, cause they were smelling so incredibly badly.

I just hope that I can get the stench out of it. Since it’s a wool coat I can’t just toss it into the washing machine either.

Oh well, fingers crossed that I can get it sorted – cause I don’t really want to shell out for another winter coat.

Anyone else been having a bad day/bad start to the week?

This cheers me up ;)

This cheers me up ;)


I’m a big fan of Etsy. You can find a lot of neat things there, and lately I buy a fair amount of my gifts from that site. (When I can wait for the delivery time.) It’s difficult to find gifts sometimes, when your budget is limited. Most of the things people wish for are things they can’t necessarily buy themselves, and if they can’t buy it – then the odds are I can’t. So instead, I’m trying to find some more personal gifts on Etsy.

During Christmas I got a few things, mainly related to Hearthstone for my siblings who are into that game. And in January my dad and sister H had their birthdays, so I got them some personal things.

My dad is a guitar player, so I got him this guitar pick:


My sister got a Kindle for her birthday from mom and them, so I got her this cover for it. From the description it’s made to look like the first edition of Pride & Prejudice. I don’t know how true that is, but it’s still a neat looking cover. (A quick Google search later, and I can tell you this was actually the 1895 edition. I’m not surprised, since the original publication never named the author.)


When looking at Etsy, I can find so many neat things. Many that I want myself. If I won the lottery, I’d fill my house with things from Etsy. And pets. It’s probably best that I don’t win the lottery…