Day 23: Somewhere you’d like to move or travel

Obviously, I’d love to (and will) move to the UK to be closer to the boyfriend. So, let’s look at places I’d like to travel. Maybe this was meant to just list one place, but since I’d like to visit a whole slew of places, I will pick a few.

New Zealand and Australia
I would love to go away for 4-6 weeks and visit both Australia and New Zealand. Both countries look beautiful in their own way, and I’d love to see them in person.



New Zealand

New Zealand

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve dreamt of flying to Iceland and seeing the geysers, relax in the hot springs.. When I was younger I also wanted to go horse-back riding across it, but I’m not so interested in that bit anymore. Hot springs sound much more interesting these days.



The Maldives
I dream of a week or so of total relaxation, doing nothing but reading, sunbathing and swimming. The Maldives look absolutely gorgeous, and I’d love to go there. (The Canary Islands seem interesting for this as well, and probably much cheaper!)

The Maldives

The Maldives

Where would you like to travel (or move)?

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Day 22: Five favourite movies

I love movies, but choosing favourites is not something I’m good at. There are so many good ones out there, and I’m sure I’ll forget one that I loved. These are the first five movies I can think of that I loved, and continue to love.

1. Crash

2. Lord of the Rings (this is three movies, but I will count it as one)

3. Guardians of the Galaxy

4. The Dark Knight

5. Law Abiding Citizen

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10 Years – A Look Back

Would you believe that today marks 10 years since I first started blogging? I wrote my very first blog post on October 22, 2004. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long.

10 years ago I was still living in the Netherlands, working in the HR department of an oil company. I was working on my first novel, and was dating a Dutch guy.

About a month after that first blog post, my relationship ended, but I stayed in the Netherlands for another two and a bit years. Switching jobs to work at a UN organisation (still in HR), and it was one of the most enjoyable jobs I’ve ever had. At first, it was pretty awful, because I had horrible colleagues. But then I got promoted to a new department, and everything became a lot better. (They went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize 2013 – and I got a certificate!)

In March 2005, I finished the first novel, then continued on to a second one, which I eventually finished in 2006.

Late 2006 I had a burn out and had to stop working. Early 2007, some decisions were made, and I moved back to Sweden in spring of that year. In March I met my lovely Bailey for the first time.

The next few years passed in a bit of a blur, since I was quite sick. I’m still tired these days (by now I know I suffer from CFS and fibromyalgia, but back then I had no real explanation), but those early days were awful. I remember not being able to move, from being so exhausted. Just lying in bed, and not being able to move my arm enough to check the time on my phone. In comparison, I’m a Duracell bunny by now.

During these years, I was playing World of Warcraft. It was pretty much the only thing I had the energy to do (it helps not having to leave the house!), and I met this great guy while doing so. We started chatting, and kept on doing so. Almost every night. It’s one of my few good memories. My first mention of him on the blog, was in July of 2008 (but I know we had already been chatting for about a year, or more, at that point.)

I started 2009 with breaking a leg, cause you gotta start the year with a bang. Later in the year I started working a little again, finally being well enough to manage. We started small, with only 2 hours a week, but it got better – and I eventually got a part-time employment.

In November 2009, my baby brother was born.

The employment was a bit up and down, as my health is a bit up and down. But I pushed myself, and at one point was nearly working full-time. However, my body disagreed with this – and my doctor and therapist ordered me to switch back to working part-time, 20 hours a week. (This happened in 2010-2011 though, I’m getting slightly ahead of myself!)

In 2010 I started my WoW Blog, which is currently rather dormant. If I’m truly losing internet soon and can’t play WoW, I don’t see me being able to write much about it sadly.

In the fall of 2011 I was unemployed again, since the funding was unavailable for me to continue in my current work place. August 2011 saw the birth of my first newphew, Viggo. In September, I met the boyfriend for the first time. Though, back then, he wasn’t the boyfriend yet of course.

2012 was fairly quite. I had a part-time job for a while. The not-yet-boyfriend visited again. A mouse invaded my house. The no-yet-boyfriend was being romantic on Steam. I was scared of boars.

2013 had me trying a multi-modal therapy of 10 weeks, where they handed us unfortunately drawn images. The not-yet-boyfriend sent me illegible text messages. My friend, A, and her daughter came to visit – and we went to feed moose. In the fall, I went to visit the now-boyfriend in the UK for the first time, and had a violent allergic reaction.

January 2014 saw the birth of my niece, Moa. Everything else is still fairly recent, so I won’t make this blog post any longer!

So, yeah… Wow. 10 years.

Day 21: List 10 tv-shows that you watch

First off, I watch way too many tv-shows. I keep adding new ones to the list as well. Anyway, here are some of my current favourites (in no particular order).

1. Outlander
This is the most recent one I added to the list. It’s based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, and has aired half of the first season by now. Sadly, it’s on a break now until April. Too long, I tell you! Too Long!

2. How I Met Your Mother
Okay, so this doesn’t actually air anymore, but it was a favourite of mine for many years – and I still watch it if I happen to catch a re-run. And as such, it still deserves a spot on the list!


3. Hemlock Grove
This Netflix original series was something my brother and I started watching because we had nothing else on at the time, and we got hooked. It’s very odd, and somewhat disturbing. I suspect it’s one of those shows that you either love or hate.

4. Revenge
Oh, the drama! It’s daytime tv-drama meets prime time tv, and I love it. I just hope they end it before it gets a little bit too out of control. My favourite character in this is probably Nolan. You’ll know him when you see him (if you watch it).

5. Sherlock
Need I say anything? Sherlock Holmes of the 21st century, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Yep. That’s all one ever needs to say.

6. Elementary
Another Sherlock Holmes show. I’ll devour anything with Sherlock, and Jonny Lee Miller shows us another version of the master detective, and equally as alluring.

7. Game of Thrones
Based on the books by George R.R. Martin, this hugely successful tv-show is nothing if not addictive. Is it time for the next season yet? I need my fill of Tyrion.

8. Once Upon A Time
Fairy tales and real world troubles. Evil Queen, Snow White and all the others. Interesting take, and I am enjoying it. The addition of Captain Hook? Oh my, yes please.

9. Modern Family
A comedy show about various family constellations. Very funny! Or at least I think so.

10. The Walking Dead
The zombie apocalypse has finally arrived!

These are just some of the shows that I watch. I could easily add as many more!

Which tv-shows do you watch?

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Day 20: Put your ipod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that pop up

I don’t have an ipod anymore, and my phone has no music. So I pulled up my Spotify, and selected my biggest playlist (where I basically tag everything). These are the first ten songs that popped up:

1. Paparazzi – Lady Gaga

2. Collide – Howie Day

3. Almost Easy – Avenged Sevenfold

4. Memories – Weezer

5. The Pretender – Foo Fighters

6. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers

7. Rolling In The Deep – Adele

8. The Zombie Song – Stephanie Mabey

9. Warriors – Imagine Dragons

10. Time Is Running Out – Muse

Does this represent what I listen to? Hmm… For the most part. I tend to like a few songs here and there, some may have been on that list for years. Some I’m probably not listening much to anymore, but did at some point.

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Thoughts on moving

I’m moving this weekend, which means it’s a busy week for me. Everything has to get packed and either go to the room I’m renting, the storage or sold/thrown out. I just want to mention, in case anyone’s not clear on this… Packing sucks. I hate packing.

We also found out that no company can deliver internet to the house. I mean… what the? In this day and age, I really didn’t think that could ever be an issue. It’s very upsetting to me, since I use the internet to keep in touch with most of my friends, and not least the boyfriend. Without Skype, phone calls would be insanely expensive.

Then, of course, there’s an expansion to World of Warcraft coming out on November 13. I’d been looking forward to this, but as it’s currently looking – I won’t be able to play.

It makes me really angry that they can’t sort this out. Apparently there are no nodes available in that area for a new line. Well, can’t they create new nodes? I don’t know.. But it seems ridiculous. And it’s making me feel very not-excited about the move.

Day 19: Where have you traveled?

I’ve not traveled nearly to as many places as I would have liked to, that’s for sure. Still, I’ve managed some.

Several family vacations when I was a child. It’s a fairly accessible place for us here in Sweden.


Obviously, we can easily do day trips to Norway. Especially from where I live now, since we’re about half an hour from the border. But I’ve also been to the city Bergen, and further north where my relatives live, including a day trip or two to Trondheim.


The Netherlands
I lived in The Hague, but I’ve also visited Utrecht, Amsterdam and some other areas.

The United Kingdom
My first trip to the UK was when I was 17 and spent two weeks with a then-boyfriend. We visited Nottingham and London mainly. Then I did a few trips to London for work, and one weekend trip with my sister. Since then, I’ve been to Bournemouth where the boyfriend lives three times, and it’s also where I’ll be moving next year.

Mainly driven through it, spent one day/evening in Brussels at one point. Can’t say I remember much!

I don’t remember much of Germany. We spent a week or so there when I was a kid.

We went there during the aforementioned trip as a kid. Can’t remember if we stayed a couple of days or if it was just a day trip kind of thing.

I’ve been to Disneyland outside of Paris a few times, then spend a weekend in Paris with my sister. Then we had that lovely one week long family trip to the south of France, staying near Nice and Cannes.


Been to Spain twice, and I hope to go again. My aunt owns an apartment down there, which makes it a really nice, and easy place to visit. The place we go to is a little bit away from everything, but to give an idea, it’s about an hour south of Alicante.

More photos from Spain here.

More photos from Spain here.

Went there once for a week with an ex. It’s a beautiful place, and I’d love to go again to see some more.


New York
My aunt took me to New York when I was 16. It was my first time flying, and I remember being really nervous. We stayed for four days, and tried to do as much sightseeing as possible.


A friend of mine used to live in Florida, and I visited her three or four times. I loved Florida. Since I hate the cold, it just seemed like the perfect place to me. Nowadays she lives in the Netherlands, so not nearly as nice and warm when I want to visit! Oh, we once went up to Georgia to go to a theme park, and spent one night there. In case it counts!


Where have you traveled?

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Day 17: What do you collect?

I’m not sure that I really collect anything, unless you count books. If you count books, then I definitely collect those. Sadly, with me moving, I’m having to get rid of a lot of them. Which makes me very, very sad.

Some years ago, I started collecting the Disney Classics on DVD, but I stopped that, and I doubt I’ll ever finish. There are just so many!

Right now, I’m not really collecting anything, but I do enjoy a nice POP! figure. So far, I only have two, but I think they’re really cute. I also wouldn’t mind a few more plushies, so far I have a british Hello Kitty and a murloc.

My "collection".

My “collection”.

Do you collect anything?

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Day 16: Favourite foods

I’m a picky eater, which is not something I’m proud of. I’m just very sensitive to taste and textures, and things easily make me feel queasy. Seafood is completely off the menu. Neither do I eat very hot/spicy food. I like vegetables, but only raw – cooked ones feel weird and soggy. Though I’ll eat broccoli, peas and cauliflower cooked. I’m very specific with what I eat and in which fashion. Which gets difficult, and makes me feel bad.

That being said, if I’m a guest and being served, I won’t refuse food, but will try to eat it. Minus seafood, since it makes me sick.

Anyway, this topic was about my favourite foods, and not my peculiar eating habits!

Some of my favourites:

  • Enchiladas
  • A nice piece of meat with wedged potatoes and a sauce
  • Home-made pizza
  • Chili con Carne (it should be noted that the Swedish one isn’t very spicy)


What are your favourite foods?

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