The boyfriend has been to a lot of viewings in the last few weeks, and yesterday he saw a place that I really liked from the photos – and he loved it. Unfortunately it’s a little over our budget, so we would need them to accept a lower offer. Which they said they might consider if we have a mortgage in principle, so now we need to get those papers sorted.

Fingers crossed, cause this place is nearly perfect! So nervous! There are so many things that need to happen here. It would be so typical if someone else shows up and buys the place in the meanwhile.

Still, I’m hoping. Cause this place seems great!

Monday Movie: Supernatural Parody

You’ve probably already come across this, but I’m not a big Youtube viewer so I miss most things until a friend or brother show it to me. I found this one quite funny, maybe because I also think that “Shake It Off” is a very catchy song. Seeing the real actors towards the end is possibly the best part. That and “fake” Dean doing the Eye of the Tiger moves.

The Coast

I live in a tiny village in Sweden (as I believe I’ve said before). Like, imagine lots of trees. A LOT of trees. Then add a couple of lakes. Then a few houses. Yep, that’s where I live.

Yes, this is an actual village.

Yes, this is an actual village. The town center is on the right side between the lakes.

Anyway, we only live about one hour from the west coast, so during the summer we tend to go there now and then. We recently went with my nephew Viggo to play miniature golf (he thought it was great fun), and I also went another day with my mom, brother and my sister and her boyfriend who were visiting.

Someone has a very peculiar style when golfing.

Someone has a very peculiar style when golfing.

It’s pretty amazing how the coast can have so much better weather than we do, with only a one hour drive. When we left our town it was grey-ish and a bit rainy – then we hit the coast and it looks like this.

Where'd the clouds go???

Where’d the clouds go???

It’s not fair!

So now I want to move to the coast. Or I would have, if I’d been planning to stay in Sweden. Oh, I just realised I will be moving to the coast! Only the British coast. So I don’t know if the weather will improve much… Hmm…

Bonus image of Viggo riding on his uncle Isak's shoulders, because it's just too cute.

Bonus image of Viggo riding on his uncle Isak’s shoulders, because it’s just too cute.

Update on “The Move”

I had actually planned to write this post yesterday, so that the blog wasn’t cluttered with just Throwback Thursday posts back-to-back. But then internet decided to go down for 36 hours or so… So that didn’t happen.

Anyway, I wanted to write a little update on what’s going on with my move to England. Ideally I would have moved by now, but as I’ve mentioned before we’ve run into trouble finding a place to live. I never imagined it would be so difficult to find a rental place that would allow you to bring a dog, but boy was I wrong!

So after actively looking for a rental for three months, the boyfriend got sick of it and has decided that we’re (read: he is) just going to purchase a place instead. Because if we own it, no one can say “sorry, no dogs allowed!”. Naturally, you don’t “just” purchase a place. There’s a lot of really awful places for sale, and a lot of places in neighborhoods where we simply don’t want to live. Which means finding a place to live is taking some time as well.

In the end, we do think it will be worth it though, even if it does mean my move is taking longer. We’ve had some setbacks though, where we found places we really like and they were either sold before we could even view them – or in one case, we (he) put a bid on it, but lost it. That one was probably the worst, cause we both loved that one.

I just hope we can find a place soon, because I want to get to the next part of our lives. You know, the one where we actually see each other more often than ever few months? Yeah, that one.

In the meanwhile, I’m compulsively refreshing the sales site about fifty times a day.

My view. Daily.

My view. Daily.


Throwback Thursday

This photo always makes me a bit teary-eyed. It’s of Tamlin again (from last week’s photo), taken when we were out for a walk in the forest. (You can see my aunt’s other dog in the background.) The reason it makes me sad is because it reminds me of him being gone – the way the photo makes it look like he’s walking away, and looking back at the camera. Gets me every time.

Tamlin <3

Tamlin <3

Throwback Thursday

A photo of me together with my aunt’s dog Tamlin taken a few years back. He sadly passed away a few years ago, and this is one of the few photos I have with me and him in it. Since moving back to Sweden I’ve helped my aunt out a fair bit taking care of her dogs whenever she’s working (she works off-shore so will be gone for a couple of weeks at a time), so always felt fairly close to them.

Tamlin and I.

Tamlin and I.


I realise that things have been pretty quiet over here lately. After the surgery and everything that happened I’ve just been feeling a bit off, and I don’t really know what to write about. I’m still getting used to the idea of what happened, and there’s definitely some residual anger, bitterness and sadness about the whole thing.

Possibly the most annoying part is that they had to cancel the original surgery because of the bleed – meaning I’ve gone through/am going through all of this essentially for nothing.

They’ve offered me to come back to do the original surgery, but I can’t shake the feeling that if I get back on that operating table I will die. I realise that’s not likely to happen, but I just can’t get passed it, so I declined the offer.

Recovery is definitely happening, albeit slowly. I want to take longer walks again, but my fibro has flared up, making walking a very painful experience. It’s very frustrating since I was in a pretty good place before the surgery. I was walking 2-4 kilometers a day (which isn’t a lot to most people, but with my fibro it’s the best I’ve managed in years), and feeling pretty good overall. Now I’m in pain after 200 meters.

It will get better though, and I know that. Some days I’m just not feeling it. And I think that’s why I’m bad at writing at the moment. I don’t really want to fill the blog with my whining about this. So I just have to remind myself that it will get better.

I have one thing to look forward to at least; going to visit the boyfriend for a week in August. Still a bit apprehensive about letting him see my “new” tummy, but it has to happen eventually anyway – so might as well get it over with. And I do miss him, so it’ll be nice to see him again.

Our moving plans are taking longer than expected, so a visit is definitely needed. (Will write more about that another day.)

My current mood, most of the time.

My current mood, most of the time.